Set Up Email, Internet, and Phone

Log into Outlook and Outlook Web App

All faculty and staff are assigned a Framingham State email address. Faculty and staff can access their email account using Microsoft Outlook (on a Mac or a PC) or through a web browser at

Get Email on Your Phone

The Microsoft Outlook web app is available both on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. For assistance linking your Framingham e-mail please contact

Connect to Wireless or Plug In

Staff members Desktop computers are hard-wired into an ethernet port for internet access. If you experience issues with your network connection, contact IT at (508) 215 5906 and be prepared to tell them where on campus your computer is located.

Set Up Voicemail, Retrieve Messages and Send Voicemail to Email

Please read the linked pdf information sheet for instructions on setting up voicemail, retrieving messages and forwarding voicemail to your e-mail. For additional assistance with setting up your campus phone and voicemail, contact or call (508) 215-5906 .