Get Free/Discounted Hardware and Software

Purchase the Recommended Laptop

Purchase a Laptop for School. All students at FSU are required to own a wireless laptop. Students may bring or purchase any laptop, but the University secures excellent pricing on a University recommended system each year. Through our purchase program, you can take advantage of special pricing on hardware that we have vetted for durability, reliability, and supportability.

PDF handout on Student Laptop

Link to Dell Website for FSU discounted laptop

Search for Discounted Software 

Download or Purchase University Software. Do not pay too much for software. There is software provided to our campus community at exceptional (sometimes free) pricing due to our negotiated campus agreements. Some software can be downloaded through FSU and others purchased at a discount. You will be required to provide proof of your academic affiliation during the registration process so use your Framingham State email address to register.

Download Free Printing Software

Set Up Wireless Printing. FSU uses a print management system, commonly referred to as Pharos, which helps students monitor their print jobs, enables access to networked printers, and increases document security. Each student at FSU is allotted 350 pages per semester for black and white or color printing and 100 pages per intersession and summer session. There are printers set up for student use in labs, classrooms, the library, McCarthy Center and other public access locations. In the event a student exceeds his/her limited of printing, a request may be made to the Technology Resource Center.

Pharos printer software download

Download Free Antivirus Software

IT Services offers students access to a site license of Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus.

Symantec antivirus download for 32 bit Windows Systems

Symantec antivirus download for 64 bit Windows Systems