Framingham State is moving to Canvas


We are excited to bring Canvas by Instructure to the campus as our new Learning Management System (LMS) and are committed to assisting faculty and students with the transition. We recognize that a change to a new learning management system is not a trivial undertaking, especially coming out of a pandemic. But there are long-term benefits to the Framingham State community in ease of use, system reliability, and expanded functionality. Please view this page for an update of our progress and resources that will assist with the move to Canvas.

Faculty and students who participated in one of 71 courses for the summer pilot courses shared these comments.

“Very user friendly and everything about it was easy. It gives a great visual of what work is completed and what is due.” – Summer 2021 student quote

“Clear, organized, more intuitive for students and for faculty. Easier to post materials, consistency in the design and look of materials. Ease of use.” – Summer 2021 faculty quote


Fall 2021, all courses are hosted on Canvas. During the transition, Blackboard Learn is accessible to retrieve course materials until we decommission the server in June of 2022, when our agreement expires. View the linked pdf for a more detailed timeline.


Faculty, take these few steps to prepare for the transition to Canvas


Following a year-long collaborative review of eLearning platforms by a team of faculty, students, and administrative personnel, the University is transitioning from Blackboard Learn to Canvas by Instructure. Follow this link to read the due diligence process and rationale. The new platform offers an intuitive online platform for teaching and learning. Features of the system include:

  • Strong support for Framingham State's pedagogical requirements and educational outcomes

  • A clean, consistent, modern, and intuitive interface for easy navigation on mobile devices and computers

  • A cloud-based, mobile-friendly, open platform that integrates with existing and custom tools and adapts to learning challenges

  • Embedded tools to assist faculty in creating opportunities for student collaboration, facilitating deeper learning, and building communities beyond the classroom


Watch for more details in the future. If you can't wait, please email with your comments and questions.