Technology Enhanced Campus

The evolution of technology is constantly being monitored by the University as part of addressing unmet and anticipated needs associated with the academic and general purpose use of campus facilities. In order to make sure that all available technologies that are relevant to the success of faculty and students are available, the Technology Enhanced Campus (TEC) Task Force of the University Technology Council conducts annual evaluations of the following technology enhanced spaces on campus:

• Classrooms
• Specialty Labs
• General Purpose Labs
• Library
• McCarthy Center
• Residence Halls

The TEC Task Force is chaired by the Director of Service Management and Campus Technology and consists of members from Information Technology Services and the Library with contributing members from Facilities, Registrar’s Office, Residence Life and other administrative offices consistent with the need to make properly informed recommendations. Unmet and anticipated are identified using a combination of staff expertise, direct faculty input, student feedback and industry best practices. The TEC Task Force then makes recommendations for introducing, upgrading and decommissioning technology in specified campus locations and specifies the required funding, support and proposed schedule for completion. The introduction, replacement and upgrades are all contingent on available funding, expertise and personnel.