Administrative and Business

Information Technology Services provides the following enterprise and local services that support the administrative and business functions of Framingham State University including; academic affairs, enrollment management, student services, finance, human resources, research administration, analytics, business intelligence, reporting, and conference and event management:

Data Management and Reporting

This service provides faculty and staff with the tools, knowledge and assistance they need to design, develop and/or run reports and extract data from centrally managed administrative and student information systems. Read more >

Development of Integrated Electronic Forms, Electronic Signature, and Automated Workflow Solutions

This service defines the request, development, and implementation of electronic forms and the associated workflow, electronic signature routing, and where possible, automated post-submission processing. Read more >

Information Systems Design and Implementation

This service provides faculty and staff with assistance designing and implementing systems in order to make the management of information more efficient and/or the provision of online services more useful by getting more out of prior investments, introducing new solutions, or some combination of both. Read more >

Online Surveys

This service offering provides assistance with creating and publishing online surveys, using the Qualtrics web-based cloud-hosted tool, and analyzing the data that is captured. Read more >