End-Point Computing

Information Technology Services provides the following services that enable community members to do their day-to-day work, including; providing access to enterprise information systems, software applications, network services, along with technical support for office systems, classrooms and labs.

CMDB-IT Asset Management 

Asset Management serves as a repository for the life-cycle of computers, laptops, AV equipment and printers owned by the University. Read More >

Equipment Lending

This service provides a way for faculty, staff and students borrow information technology. Read more >

Management of Quotas for Network Based Printing

This service ensures the responsible use of printers the University provides for shared use at various locations on campus so students have the ability to print documents associated with their academic work. At the same time, reasonable limits on the amount of output for each individual are put in place through the use of quotas, which ensures equitable access to these shared printers, responsible use of environmental resources, and greater control over costs. Read more >

New Employee Setup

ITS provisions access to computing devices, offices systems, network services and information systems for all new employees so that they have the information and technology they need to perform job related functions. Read more >

Patch Management

ITS uses Quest KACE to remotely manage, patch and secure University owned desktops and laptops. KACE Management Appliance is a hardware and software inventory management tool used campus-wide primarily to automate and expedite the process of software updates and patches. Read more >

Physical Move, Add or Change to Office Systems

This service is provided as a way to plan and coordinate office systems and media equipment moves, adds and changes so that the necessary technological infrastructure is in place and everything works properly as part of a relocation. Read more >

Remote Access to Systems Connected to the Campus Network

This service provides secure authorized access to servers and desktop computers located on the Framingham State University (FSU) campus from off-campus locations. Read more >

Shared File Storage

This service provides individual and shared file storage on enterprise data storage and file server management including space allocation, data backup, data restore, security and access management. Read more >

Software Distribution and Installation

This service provides support for the distribution and installation of software that is licensed by the University for use by students, faculty and staff. Read more >