Information Technology Services provides infrastructure and services that provide information security, data integrity, and compliance with applicable laws, regulatory requirements and contractual obligations.  This includes systems monitoring, virus protection, encryption, emergency preparedness, contingency planning, data security, identity management, access controls (e.g. passwords, accounts and authentication) and facilitating audits, risk assessments and compliance assessments.

FSU has launched its first-ever online cyber security awareness training.

All Faculty and Staff are encouraged to take this important training, which will raise your awareness about cyber threats and the behaviors that increase and reduce risks to adverse event like ransomware and unauthorized disclosure. Learn important cyber tips such as:

  • What a strong password is and how to create one
  • Whether information is protected or regulated information and, if so, how to properly store and share it
  • How to recognize the warning signs of an illegitimate email, infected web page, or infected computer, and the risk 
each one poses to the employee and FSU
  • What actions risk introducing viruses and other malware into our computer systems and network

The training is free, self-paced, web-based, and can be stopped/resumed at any time. Duration: Approx. 1 hr. Sign up by entering a request in the MyIT service portal by navigating to Make a Request and then clicking the link under Security. Email if you have questions about this training.

The Email Dilemma: Junk, Spam, or Phishing? How to Classify Unwanted Emails and Respond Accordingly

The article linked above provides a detailed look at how to properly identify and classify unwanted e-mails to help you save time and protect yourself from potential cyber-threats.