Prospective Students - FAQs

Q: How do I apply for housing?

A: Admissions informs first-year and transfer students if they have been accepted as a resident or commuter. If accepted as a resident, information on how to access the online housing application is provided by Admissions. New resident students should also monitor their FSU student email for information related to housing assignments.

Q. Are there preferences I can request on the housing application as a first-year student?

A: FSU primarily assigns new students to housing using an academic affinity assignment strategy. First-year students may request preferences for the:

Freshman Honors Floor (Corinne Hall Towers and only Honors students are eligible)
Quiet Floors (Larned Hall and West Hall)
New England Sports Nation Floor (Larned Hall)
Arts and Entertainment Floor (Corinne Hall Towers)
Civic Engagement Floor (West Hall)
Gender-Inclusive Housing (most halls)
Full academic year + Vacation (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks) housing option (Linsley Hall)
West Hall (private bathrooms)
It is important to note that these floors/areas have limited space and requests for preferences are not guaranteed.

Q: Where do first-year students live?

A: First-year students may be assigned to live in any hall with the exception of North Hall. We purposely arrange for first-year and returning students to live as neighbors, which allows upper-class students to serve as unofficial mentors to first-year students. This also mirrors the social dynamics of student interactions in campus clubs, organizations, athletic teams, etc.  

When possible, we use our academic affinity assignment strategy to house students in like majors in small clusters on floors within our residence halls.

Q: Can I pick my roommate as a first-year student?

A: We look forward to you welcoming you to the FRAMily this fall. If you have been accepted as a resident student we encourage you to complete your online housing application using the instructions included in your welcome packet. Specific first-year roommate requests were accepted until May 12, 2017. That process is now closed. Residence Life is now engaged in the assignment process. Requests received by May 12, 2017 have been prioritized and will be considered but cannot be guaranteed. Remaining assignments will be made in conjunction with our academic affinity assignment strategy. Feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Q: Is there a roommate matching survey I fill out to match me with my roommate?

A: We do not use a roommate matching survey. Research in professional literature indicates that the use of “matching surveys” does not correlate with roommate satisfaction.  

Q: Are students guaranteed housing at FSU?

A: Admissions accepts students with resident or commuter standing. As long as a returning resident student pays the housing reservation deposit by the deadline (typically the week before spring break in mid-March), and remains a resident in good financial, social, and academic standing, housing is guaranteed year to year.

Q: Are single rooms available?

A: Given the very limited number of single rooms available, first-year students are generally not assigned to single rooms. Most single rooms are selected through the returning student room selection process on a seniority basis. The Office of Residence Life maintains a single room wait list for residents interested in a single occupancy room. New students may request to be placed on the single room wait list after taking occupancy.

Q: When will I find out who my roommate is?

A: Prior to the start of the new semester, Residence Life will send, via FSU email to all resident students, information regarding housing assignments, move-in instructions, and information about roommate(s).

Q: When is first-year student move-in this fall?

A: The anticipated date for first-year student move-in is Saturday September 2, 2017. Specific instructions, including time frames for move-in based on hall and floor assignment, will be included in additional information emailed this summer to all residents.