Police Detail Policy

    1. Specific Considerations:
      1. A Police Detail will usually be required whenever an activity or event is expected to exceed 100 persons.
      2. A detail will be required for any activity or event at which alcohol is to be served.
      3. A detail will be required for any activity or event which involves the closure of a University roadway or lane of travel or which will involve unusual traffic or parking arrangements.
      4. Generally, concerts, bands, live acts, and official sporting events will require a detail regardless of expected attendance.
      5. An event involving public exposure for government officials, celebrities and VIP's will require the assignment of an executive protection detail. The detail may involve plainclothes officers, uniformed officers, or both, depending on the nature of the event and the anticipated attendance.
      6. A detail will be required for activities which, by their very nature, or by special conditions attendant thereto, may possibly pose a significant safety or security risk or concern or which may create conditions of disorder.
    1. Event plans must be submitted to the Framingham State University Police Department for review. The Police Department will evaluate the need for police details and related safety requirements.
      1. Construction plans will be submitted and reviewed with the Director of Facilities or his/her designee in conjunction with University Police.
    2. Decisions regarding the need for an overtime detail(s) will be made by the Chief of Police or designee, usually in consultation with the individual, group, or department hosting or coordinating the event.
    3. Framingham State University Police Department is not obligated to provide police detail services. In the event of a conflict regarding the need for or number of Detail Officers, the Chief of Police will make the final determination.
    1. Unless in direct support of a University department or organization, persons or organizations requesting police details will be required to pay the prevailing rate for each Officer hired. These rates may vary by the Officer’s home police department, collective bargaining agreement, rank or position.
    2. A four-hour minimum is required in all cases. Officers must receive compensation for the entire scheduled duration of a detail, regardless of whether the event, program, or construction activity ends earlier than planned or the officers are told they may leave prior to the conclusion of an event.
    3. Four hour notice of event cancelation is required, or the event or activity sponsor may be billed for four hours pay at the Officer’s overtime rate.
    1. Officers are at all times subject to the policies and procedures of the Framingham State University Police Department. Those in charge of an event or other activity requiring a detail have no authority over police personnel, and they are restricted to providing only a general description of the task or function to be performed by detail officers. When provided by persons hosting an event or in charge of an activity, post assignments and other assigned tasks shall be considered only as guidelines and may be modified or canceled at the discretion of the Chief of Police or designee. A general description of police tasks will never supersede Police Department policies, instructions, or specific assignments made by the Chief of Police or designee.
    2. Detail officers remain under the exclusive control of the Police Department and are accountable for strict adherence to all departmental policies. Any conflicting rules or instructions from a person organizing an event or activity will be disregarded.
    3. As determined by the department, officers assigned to a detail may be redeployed to other duties, locations, or events based on operational needs. i.e. Emergency situations.

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