From Classes to Careers

Whatever you teach, you're helping prepare FSU students for a successful future. As you know, studying the humanities prepares students in important ways for their post-college careers. Take a look at the list of essential skills and perspectives that employers look for, and that our students develop and refine in their humanities classes.

Research about Teaching in the Humanities

Visit Humanities & Careers in the News to read the latest articles about the value of studying the humanities, how the humanities can prepare students for a variety of industries, and job market and workforce trends.

We’ve also compiled a selection of articles that offer strategies for articulating the value of humanities education and supporting humanities programs:

Faculty Fellow APR Program

Learn more about the MHWPC Faculty Fellow Program: Guidelines

Faculty Fellow Applications will be emailed during the first half of April. The deadline is generally near the end of May.

Career Competencies Summer Working Group

Join us during the summer for a paid opportunity to reframe one of your current courses by making the career competencies that already exist within your course transparent to your students. Learn more about what this working group will do, what you can expect to gain from it, and how to participate: Career Competencies Summer Working Group Info.

Career Readiness Summer Working Group applications will be emailed during the first half of April. The deadline is generally right after spring final exam period.