Intercultural Celebration

The Intercultural Graduation Ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of students of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) students, and First Generation students who are actively involved on and off campus. The ceremony honors students who are preparing to graduate after enriching our campus community through affinity group work, community involvement and work, and social justice and diversity efforts.

The Intercultural Graduation Ceremony began as a modest celebration in April 2015 coordinated by Sociology professor Dr. Patricia Sánchez-Connally '01 and former Director of the Center for Inclusive Excellence, K. Martinez. The first ceremony recognized 25 graduating Seniors and honored two winners of the inaugural Diversity and Inclusion student awards to Yue Chen and Kimmi Awiszo. By the second year, attendance increased to 36 students where Averie Cook and Fernando Rodriguez were honored with the Diversity and Inclusion awards. By its third celebration in 2017, the Intercultural Graduation moved off the main campus to the Warren Center where we recognized more than 50 students along with their invited guests. In 2017, Cassandra Teneus and Teo Barbalho were honored with the Diversity and Inclusion Awards.

As awareness of the celebration continued to grow, so did our attendance and excitement for the event; by 2018, close to 80 students were celebrated. Today, the Intercultural Graduation Ceremony continues to expand and become part of our formal traditions at FSU. The event acknowledges the unique challenges that various marginalized and historically oppressed groups face while celebrating the many student accomplishments that enrich our campus community.