Math Placement Test

The initial assessment measure is the Accuplacer Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics Test.

Are you curious if you need to take the math placement test?  If you are, then please review the questions and their responses below to better understand who is being asked to take a math placement test. Anyone who is asked to take the test will receive a letter with instructions on how to register for an upcoming test.  If you do not receive a letter, you are exempt from testing and are eligible for enrollment in a math course without the Math Lab Emporium. There are exceptions to this, so please refer to the questions below, especially for those students enrolling in a STEM major.

What is the Math Lab Emporium?

The Math Lab Emporium is an extra 2 hour per week tutorial that is attached to specific sections of all 100-level math courses.  This Math Lab provides supplemental assistance to the lectures and assignments and is part of the course. It is like having a tutor built into your course and is very helpful for those who are challenged by math.

Do you have transfer or AP credit for a college-level mathematics course?  This could include a math course you took as part of a dual enrollment program.

Yes- You do not need to take the placement test.

No- Please go to the next question.

Have you taken a  Accuplacer math placement test previously and received a satisfactory score to place you in an appropriate math course for your intended major?

Yes- you do not need to take the math placement test.  Please have the score sheet from the institution where you took the test sent directly to Framingham State University, like all other state universities and community college in Massachusetts are required to administer the College Board’s Accuplacer math placement test. Therefore, we only accept Accuplacer math scores when considering placement.

NoPlease go to the next question.

Have you been accepted into or have plans to pursue a STEM major? Or are you an elementary or early childhood education coordinate, who plans to declare math or a science as your coordinate major?

STEM Majors include: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Environmental Science and Policy, Food and Nutrition, Food Science, Mathematics, Nursing or Physics and Earth Science

Yesyou should take the placement test. Taking the test will ensure you are in the appropriate math course based on your abilities and potentially allow you to advance at a faster pace.

Noplease read below.

Framingham State, like all other institutions recalculates students GPAs to include only courses that are deemed college prep.  If the overall recalculated GPA is less then a 2.7, you will be asked to take the math placement test. Taking the test will determine if you can place out of the attached Math Lab Emporium (see above for description of Math Lab Emporium) or even place into a higher level course, such as Pre-Calculus or Calculus.

If your score on this test is satisfactory, you will be able to take any first-year level (100 level) mathematics course, excluding Pre-Calculus. If you do very well on the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics test, you will also take the Advanced Algebra and Functions test, which will determine if you can proceed to Pre-Calculus or higher course.

All students are allowed one retake of the math test. 

Students should review material from their high school math courses to prepare for the test.  In addition, the College Board has posted sample questions for the Next Generation Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics tests as well as the Advanced Algebra Functions test.  Please click here to download the College Board Practice document

Additional websites for algebra practice:, and

For further review, ask your high school or college mathematics department for review materials or textbooks to borrow to prepare for the test.