Math Placement Test

The initial assessment measure is the Accuplacer Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics Test.

While all students are eligible for a credit-bearing math course, students who do not meet certain standards will be required to enroll in the Math Lab Emporium that is attached to the credit-bearing math course required/recommended for each major.  Students are eligible for a course without the Math Lab Emporium if they have:

  • A 2.7 or higher recalculated high school GPA
  • Taken the ACCUPLACER test at another institution and earned a score that can be used here at FSU.
  • Transfer credits in college-level math have been accepted.

It is highly recommended that all STEM majors (those majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Food Science, Computer Science, Food and Nutrition, Mathematics, Nursing, or Physics and Earth Science) take the the ACCUPLACER Math Placement testing unless the Accuplacer tests have been taken previously and a satisfactory score was achieved or college credit in mathematics has been awarded in transfer.  This will ensure that the student is in the appropriate math course based on their abilities.  Previous Accuplacer Scores can be sent to

Students who do not receive a satisfactory score will be required to take part in the Math Lab Emporium that is attached to the major required/suggested credit-bearing math course. A satisfactory score will exempt the student from the Math Lab Emporium.  

If your score on this test is satisfactory, you will be able to take any first-year level (100 level) mathematics course, excluding Pre-Calculus. If you do very well on the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics test, you will also take the Advanced Algebra and Functions test, which will determine if you can proceed to Pre-Calculus or higher course.

All students are allowed one retake of the math test. 

Students should review material from their high school math courses to prepare for the test.  In addition, the College Board has posted sample questions for the Next Generation Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics tests as well as the Advanced Algebra Functions test.  Please click here to download the College Board Practice document

Additional websites for algebra practice:, and

For further review, ask your high school or college mathematics department for review materials or textbooks to borrow to prepare for the test.