fRamily Network

Framily to Family

As you and your student begin your journey here at Framingham State, the fRAMily Network is a great resource. Our network consists of family members and supporters of current FSU students who work together to learn how to better support their students. We meet to give and receive updates about campus life and to supply you with the relevant information you need to keep you and your student as informed as possible. The fRAMily Network's ultimate goal is to provide guidance to family members and supporters so that they can better support our students as they adapt to university life. 

We communicate with parents, family and other student supporters in the following ways:

  • Bi-Weekly Email communications
  • Access to the Framily Experience Portal
  • Framily Network Meetings- Twice a semester
  • Family and Guest Orientation- for families of students entering in the fall
  • Events at Homecoming and Family Weekend

Join us and be part of the Framily experience!