The Americas

Where can I study in the Americas?

You don't have to leave our hemisphere to have a meaningful international educational experience. Sometimes the most rewarding experiences take place right here in our own region of the globe!

Study abroad programs are available across North America, the Caribbean, and South America. As with other parts of the world, there are many programs available in English as well as a variety of options which include language immersion in languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and French. In general, studying abroad within the Americas oftentimes tends to be one of the most affordable regions to consider. 

In recent years, students from Framingham State University have studied in a diverse range of locations, including the following:

Explore these programs!

The locations listed above are just a few examples of what's possible. There are many additional opportunities for study abroad across the Americas in countries like Argentina, Chile, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Uruguay, and more! Check out the following programs/organizations to learn more. 

ASANova Scotia Exchange Program
CAPAQuébec Student Exchange Program
CCISSEA Semester
IFSAThe Washington Center

No matter your major, it is always a very smart, career-enhancing idea to include the study of languages as part of your undergraduate education at FSU (be sure to contact our FSU World Languages Department for more information on the courses we offer). Latin American countries like Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are particularly great destinations for studying Spanish. Brazil is an ideal location to study Portuguese and Canada is an especially affordable option for any students wanting to further their French language skills.