Learn More About the UCC

Learn More About the UCC

Membership Information

Membership to the University Community Club is open to all members of the FSU community and residents of Ashland. Sign up now! A single membership is good for a family of 4 and includes free access to parking, tennis/pickleball courts, disc golf, and hiking trails. Other member benefits, such as watercraft rentals and social events, will include additional fees.

Membership Costs:

Membership to the University Community Club is just $125 annually, which is good for a family of four. 

You cannot beat this tremendous value for the many offerings at the property. If you search other clubs across Massachusetts, you will find that rates tend to be much higher and often include additional fees for parking.

Sign up for your membership today!

ESOFT Scheduler: Club members will receive access to our ESOFT Scheduler, which provides 24/7 access for renting, scheduling, and browsing what the UCC has to offer. Enjoy the ease of scheduling from the comfort of your own home, or at the office workplace. The system will also send out reminders of scheduled events, help with marketing new social events, and send out instant notifications if something is cancelled or moved.

Credits: Each member will receive 30 “FREE” credits per month. The credits will be used to schedule time for the free activities that come with membership such as disc golf, tennis and pickleball.

Membership Benefits

UCC members enjoy access to hundreds of acres of Ashland State Park, plus additional recreational opportunities, including: watercraft rentals to explore the reservoir; social events like wine tastings and poker nights; sports facility rentals for tennis, pickleball, and disc golf; as well as group fitness classes to stay fit with friends.


UCC Parking

A new parking lot is now open at the Warren Conference Center & Inn that is reserved for members of the University Community Club. The cost for parking is included in your membership fee. 

A gate is being added to the parking lot, with access being provided through a membership card provided at sign up. 

  • Is the University Community Club supported by students fees? No, student fees are not used to support the operations of either the Warren Conference Center & Inn (WCC) or the University Community Club, including debt service costs. All WCC operations costs are covered from lease revenue and, in the case of the UCC, operations costs will also be supported from membership dues and event charges.
  • Do I need to reserve tennis, pickle ball or disc golf? Yes, all activities on property need proper reservation. Utilize your membership credits to reserve these three (3) activities at no additional charge. Reservations allow us to track usage of membership benefits.
  • What is a “CREDIT”? A “CREDIT” is simply a form of payment that you will use when reserving time on the tennis and pickle ball courts, along with disc golf. Members log into the Esoft planner site to use their pre-loaded credits for reservations. Credits are included with your membership at no additional cost.
  • If I do not use all my monthly credits, will they roll over into the next month? No, credits do not roll over month to month. At the beginning of each month all credits get renewed back to the original amounts.
  • Can I rent watercraft, tennis courts and pickle ball courts for longer than an hour? All rentals are limited to one (1) hour, except disc golf, to allow for all members to enjoy the benefits of membership. We thank you for your understanding.
  • How can I rent a watercraft? You first need to be a University Community Club member, from there you simply log on to your account and reserve. Here is the client/member site- Member Login. 
  • What times can watercraft be rented? Watercraft can be rented Thursday thru Sunday from 9-5pm. Last launch for any watercraft will be 4pm to allow for proper clean up and storage of watercraft.
  • How old do you need to be to rent a watercraft? You must be 17 years or older to reserve/rent a kayak.
  • Do you have to wear a lifejacket? We provide the required lifejacket with all watercraft rentals; however, if you would like to use your personal lifejacket, you are welcome to do so.
  • What do I need to bring if renting a watercraft? We recommend a water-tight bag for any valuables and sunblock, we will supply the rest!
  • If it’s raining, will you still rent watercraft? Safety is our number priority for all our valued members. If heavy rain, wind, or lightning are forecasted, we will not open for watercraft rentals that day. Notifications of cancellations due to inclement weather will be sent via the email that you used when you signed up for the membership. Please also check your spam folder.
  • Can I launch my own watercraft from the beach? YES! We welcome you to bring your own kayak, canoe, or paddleboard to the beach!

Facilities and Amenities


Rent a kayak, paddle board or canoe and enjoy time on beautiful Ashland Reservoir with friends and family, or bring your own watercraft!

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) recently completed its beach nourishment project where the watercraft get launched so everything is looking pristine.

Only University Community Club members will be able to reserve time at the Warren Center’s tennis and pickleball courts, as well as the brand new 9-hole disc golf course. If you’ve never tried pickleball or disc golf, this is your chance to learn why they are two of the fastest growing sports in the United States!

Access to all athletic facilities are free with membership. Members will be able to reserve time to play on our ESOFT platform using 30 free "credits" that will be provided each month.

Looking to improve your physical and mental health? The University Community Club will host yoga classes, Pilates and other forms of fitness and wellness classes. If classes aren't your thing, the Warren Center property has easy access to Ashland State Park and its hundreds of acres of hiking trails. Get in shape while surrounded by nature!

All classes will be available to view online.


The University Community Club will host events/activities for members throughout the year, such as fitness classes, tennis and pickleball lessons, wine tastings, and dinner clubs. We’ll be looking for club members to let us know what they would like to see. Members are able to view events and register on the ESOFT scheduler.