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The Department of Chemistry and Food Science is unique in that it offers strong majors in both Chemistry and Food Science. The programs complement each other, producing Food Science majors with an exceptionally strong background in chemistry, and providing Chemistry majors with the opportunity to take electives in more applied areas such as food chemistry, food engineering, and food analysis. Undergraduate research opportunities are also enhanced by the combination of these program areas.
The Department offers three concentrations in chemistry. One is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The ACS-approved curriculum allows flexibility to specialize in a particular area through choice of the elective, the advanced course, and the senior research project. The two other chemistry concentrations, General Chemistry and Biochemistry, require a minor to be taken concurrently. The General Chemistry concentration requires a minor in secondary education or one of the following areas: business, computer science, earth science, or mathematics. The Biochemistry concentration requires a minor in secondary education or one of the following areas: biology, business, communication arts, journalism, mathematics, or nutrition.

Two concentrations are possible with the Food Science major: Food Science and Technology, and Applied Food Science.  The Applied Food Science concentration requires a concurrent minor in biology, business, or nutrition.

An excellent undergraduate education is provided by the structured curriculum for both the Chemistry major and for the Food Science major coupled with a strong general education component. The strength of these programs is clearly indicated by the excellent graduate school placement and achievement records, as well as the employment opportunities enjoyed by Department graduates.

Students in Inorganic Chemistry lab
Students in Inorganic Chemistry lab:
Learning to synthesize potassium tris(oxalato)ferrate(III) trihydrate

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