Brown Bags

In July 2021 CELTSS hosted a conference that brought together high school educators and incoming first- and second-year students to discuss pandemic learning and how best to support students in the fall of 2021. Educators and students addressed a host of issues, including mental health and well-being. For those who would like to hear students speak frankly about the pandemic's impact, please check out the recording of the conference: CELTSS Conference 07.28.21


Did you miss the Brown Bag (Supporting Students' Mental Health In and Out of the Classroom) on September 17th?

Panelists Kimberly Arditte Hall, LaDonna Bridges, Glenn Cochran, Benjamin Day, Mirari Elcoro, Jeanne Haley, and Gabriela Mendez-Acevedo presented on: How may we support students' mental health and well-being as they transition back to in-person learning amidst an on-going pandemic? How may we support the mental health of students of color in particular, whose communities have disproportionately borne the impact of the pandemic? How may we use our classrooms and offices to build community, facilitate peer-to-peer engagement, and encourage metacognition and self-reflection, while explicitly addressing and respecting emotional, mental, and physical well-being?