Information on moving off campus – March 17, 2020

Good Afternoon,

As you are aware per President Cevallos’ email, all courses will be going to remote instruction and the Residence Halls will be closing. While the safety of our community is our top priority, we also know that many of you, like us, still feel disappointment at the loss of the experiences we were expecting this spring as members of the residence hall community.

Move Out Appointments: Two-hour appointment windows will be available for residents to return to campus to retrieve their belongings. When you schedule your appointment (check your e-mail to get your building-specific link) your ID card access will be activated for that time period. Each appointment block will be limited to 25 students per hall to ensure the ability to practice social distancing. Students may only sign up for ONE appointment block. Move out timeslots are between 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18th through Sunday March 29th.
Please coordinate with roommates and suitemates to select different move out times to facilitate social distancing.

If you are sick, in self-quarantine or have any known exposure to COVID-19, please do not come to campus, email and we can discuss alternate plans. Similarly, please email us if you have extenuating circumstances that might preclude your return for other reasons (e.g. travel restrictions; out of region travel).

Parking: When you arrive on campus we ask that you park in Maynard, Mayhew and Salem End (pending availability, Salem End may be closed for government use) while you pack up your belongings. Once everything is packed and ready to go you may park next to your hall just long enough to load your vehicle. This will allow everyone who is actively moving to get access closer to the building while loading. Please note there will be no shuttle service running on campus and for health and safety concerns University Police will have limited ability to provide safety escorts, and those provided will be walking escorts.

West residents:
 Park at the curb in Maynard parking lot during loading, please do not park in front of the building (Maynard Road).

North residents:
 Park at the curb in the O’Connor parking lot during loading, please do not park in front of the building (State Street).

Pack Your Belongings: When you return, we ask that you pack quickly and efficiently to limit your time in the building and complete the process within the two-hour window. We encourage you to bring boxes, bins, suitcases, etc. to assist with moving your items. Carts will not be available due to sanitizing difficulties and to limit touch points and the spread of germs.
Elevator use: In order to maintain social distancing and reduce the spread of germs, we will be limiting elevator use to one party at a time, or for persons with access or a medical necessity.

Express Check Out: Once you have emptied your room of all your belongings, lock your door, shut windows and complete an express checkout envelope in the lobby of your residence hall. Don’t forget to bring a pen to complete the express checkout envelope. Fill in all information on the envelope, place your key(s) in the envelope, seal it, and place the envelope in the express checkout lock box.

Keys: All residence hall doors were locked over Spring Break. If you do not have your room/suite key do not sign up for an appointment. Instead, you will need to contact your Area/Residence Director to make a separate appointment to be provided access to your room to check out. There will not be staff present at move out appointments in all halls to unlock doors – making arrangements prior to arriving to campus with your Area/Residence Director will be necessary if you do not have your keys.

Damage Billing: Once all students are moved out of the residence hall a professional staff member will be doing damage billing assessments for each room. Please remove any trash from the room, but given the limited time available we will not expect floors to be “broom clean”.

Mail: Please make sure you check your mailbox for any remaining mail. Any packages will be delivered to your room prior to your move out time. Any mail received after the halls have closed will be forwarded to your address on record.

Staff: For health and safety reasons we are asking all staff members to practice social distancing. A staff member will be available by phone if any issues arise during move out. The contact number will be posted in the lobby of the residence hall.

For questions in advance of arrival, or as instructed in previous sections, please email your Area/Residence Director:

Corinne Hall Towers: Johnny Hurley,
Larned Hall: Joseph Barbagallo,
Linsley/North Halls: Marcie Dineen,
Horace Mann/Peirce/West Halls: David Case,

Petitions for Emergency Housing: Students with emergency housing needs, such as international students unable to travel, students with housing insecurities or student employees performing work deemed essential to University Operations should fill out this petition to request emergency housing. Please fill out the petition by Friday, March 20th at Noon.

Finally, we understand that this is a difficult time, and thank you for your patience and understanding with the move out procedure. Please stay in touch with us if we can be of assistance over the remainder of the term, or if you have questions about 2020-2021 housing. We can be reached via email at, or by phone, 508-626-4636.

Best Wishes,
Office of Residence Life & Housing