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Meet the people who are all part of what makes The FSU Difference.

We attract practical, inquisitive, career-focused undergraduate and graduate students who are committed and eager to learn new ideas and make new discoveries. Our respected faculty scholars are talented teachers who challenge students to achieve their best so that students build confidence in themselves and their abilities.

“It feels really rewarding to teach that (Contemporary LatinX Literature) class, and say, ‘Look, we can all continue to write in this tradition.'"

Student Rachel standing on Dwight Quad
Rachel Spivey '22

Political Science/Pre-Law

"Right from the start of my college search, I was looking into Pre-Law programs that would put me at a head start for my career path."

Professor Wardell Powell
Dr. Wardell Powell


"It’s clear that when you can make teaching relevant to students’ lives, they have a far greater level of success in the classroom. Once you are able to tap into their lived experiences and then engage them in the science, that creates interest."

Student Dara Barros
Dara Barros '23

International Business

"The small campus, sense of community and opportunities to grow as a person are what I love most about FSU."

Professor Dwayne Bell
Dr. Dwayne Bell

Chemistry & Food Science

"I want Framingham State to be among the earliest adopters of (virtual reality) technology. It’s too powerful a medium not to explore.”

Mandip Singh headshot
Mandip Singh '21


“I am constantly in the Career Services Office seeking advice from Internship Coordinator Jill Gardosik and Director Dawn Ross. They helped me get two internships and got me involved in the Suitable Solutions Program."

Nicole Mason headshot
Nicole Mason G'22

Master of Human Resources

"I haven't been in school in over 8 years, so there were definitely some nerves to be back in the classroom. My advisor is always there to have a conversation about my course sequence, the industry, and just general support along the way."

McKenzie Ward headshot
McKenzie Ward '23

History, English

"Framingham State has been a part of my life ever since I was little. Between the multiple field trips to the McAuliffe Center and the stories I heard about campus from my family members who graduated from FSU, I have always felt a connection."

Dr. David Merwin
Dr. David Merwin

Environment, Society & Sustainability

"The internet has put GIS at the forefront of our society with the availability to map objects in real time using GPS, the use of high-resolution remote sensing/satellite imagery data, and the ability to analyze crowdsourcing data."

Professor Vandana Singh
Dr. Vandana Singh

Environment, Society & Sustainability

"We are stuck in a certain way of thinking about the world. Speculative fiction can free us from our old ways of thinking. When our imaginations are free, then we can better engage with these problems.”

Fashion student Malik Martin
Malik Martin

Fashion Design & Retailing

“FSU has provided me with space and resources to focus on bringing my visions to tangible manifestations.”

Dr. Carolyn Maibor

"From early slave and captivity narratives to the Transcendentalists and the beginnings of the women's rights movement, early American literature offers a wide diversity of texts and subject matters."