Nursing students and faculty


Chartered in the Spring of 2002, the Rho Phi Chapter of STTI is today a strong and growing organization whose purposes are to:

  • I. Recognize superior achievement.

  • II. Recognize the development of leadership qualities.

  • III. Foster high professional standards.

  • IV. Encourage creative work.

  • V. Strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession.

Membership in the Honor Society is by invitation only to outstanding undergraduates, alumni, and nursing leaders.

With 120,000 active members, STTI is the second largest nursing organization in the world. Members are active in more than 90 countries and territories, and the 406 chapters are located on 503 college and university campuses in the U.S. and countries including Canada, Hong Kong, Pakistan, South Korea, Australia and Taiwan.

Sigma Theta Tau International, Honor Society of Nursing, is dedicated to improving the health of people worldwide through increasing the scientific base of nursing practice. Its members are nursing scholars committed to the pursuit of excellence in clinical practice, education, research and leadership. The Society believes that broadening the base of nursing knowledge through knowledge development, dissemination and use offers great promise for promoting a healthier populace.

In May 2001, we were visited by an evaluation visitor representing Sigma Theta Tau International. Following the favorable report by the visitor to the Board of Directors of STTI, the Framingham State College Nursing Honor Society was presented to the House of Delegates at the Biennial Convention of Sigma Theta Tau International in November 2001. The House of Delegates granted final approval for a charter. The chartering ceremony was May 19, 2002. At that time the Nursing Honor Society became an independent chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International.