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Discover your future home away from home at Framingham State University.

Living on campus means being at the heart of it all! Enjoy convenient access to classes, the library, and campus activities, saving you time and making your college experience seamless.

Towers and Miles Bibb
Corinne Hall Towers

Corinne Hall Towers

Corinne Hall Towers is named in honor of Corinne Hall, a former home economics teacher at Framingham State University. The residence opened in September 1973.

The largest of residence halls, Corinne Hall Towers is a 10-story, co-ed residence complex. Featuring views of Boston and Western Massachusetts from the upper floors. Towers is home to Living Learning Communities; Social Justice, Rainbow Road, Health & Wellness, and Academic High Achievement. 

Corinne Hall Towers also houses the Chris Walsh Center, MetroWest Economic Research Center, Office of Residence Life, and the Stalker Institute.

  • Capacity: 504 
  • Room types: Standard/traditional double and single occupancy rooms
  • Room rates: 
    • Standard/traditional double: $9,100
    • Design Single: $10,000
    • Premium Single: $12,100
  • Game room
  • Full, newly remodeled kitchen (stove top, oven, refrigerator, microwave)
  • Lounges on each floor
  • Laundry facilities
  • Elevator access

Horace Mann Hall

The hall is named for the famous educator and legislator who was the founder of the Commonwealth's first teacher training institution which later became Framingham State University. Most students in Horace Mann Hall reside in single occupancy rooms. There is also lounge space on the 1st floor for socializing and studying.. Horace Mann Hall is conveniently located near CASA, the campus shuttle stop, the McCarthy Center  and Athletic Center.

Exterior of Horace Mann Residence Hall
Horace Mann Residence Hall
  • Capacity: 119
  • Room types: Double and single-occupancy rooms, Junior suites (2): Includes common room, two double rooms, two single rooms (does not include a private bathroom)
  • Room rates:
    • Standard/traditional Double: $9,100
    • Design Single: $10,000
    • Premium Single: $12,100
    • Junior Suite: $9,600 (double); $10,420 (single); $12,600 (premium single)
  • Large first-floor lounge space
  • Kitchenette
  • Laundry facilities
  • Close proximity to CASA, shuttle stop, and classroom buildings
Aerial view of the exterior of Larned Hall
Larned Hall

Larned Hall

Larned Hall is named for Dorothy Larned, who served as the Dean of Women from 1942 to 1961. This six-story co-ed residence hall, divided into two wings, provides living and study facilities in singles, doubles, triples, and quads. The ground floor contains a large recreation room with lounge, kitchen, and rooms for educational and social functions. Other floors contain living quarters, study lounges, and utility areas. Situated atop Bare Hill, the residence hall is surrounded by an exterior plaza providing an overall view of the campus.

  • Capacity: 368
  • Room types: Premium singles, doubles, triple rooms
  • Room rates: 
    • Standard/traditional double, triple, or quad: $9,600
    • Premium single: $12,600
  • Large first-floor lounge with TV, pool tables, and ping pong table
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Lounges on each floor
  • Laundry facilities
  • Elevator access

Miles Bibb Hall

Miles Bibb Hall - named in honor of Mary Miles Bibb, FSU's first African American graduate, class of 1843 - opened in Fall 2011 and is home to approximately 410 upper-class students in four-person suites or in connected doubles and singles with shared private bathroom facilities. The hall's 'backyard' is a popular space to relax or enjoy a pick-up basketball game or frisbee with friends.     

Miles Bibb Hall also houses Sandella's Café, offering freshly made sandwiches and salads, grab-and-go dining options, and convenience items.

  • Capacity: 410
  • Room types: 
  • Room rates:
    • Conjoined double: $10,100
    • Premium single conjoined: $13,100
    • Design single: $11,100
    • Suite: $11,100
    • Premium single suite: $14,100
    • Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Break vacation housing opt-in is an additional $500
  • Sandella's Flatbread Cafe'
  • Game room
  • Common area (studying or lounging)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Kitchenette 
  • Elevator access
Exterior of Miles Bibb Hall
Miles Bibb Hall
Peirce Hall
Peirce Hall

Peirce Hall

Peirce Hall (pronounced pur-se) is named for Cyrus Peirce, who was the first President of the Normal School (which became Framingham State University) and the person who created our university motto “live to the truth”. All rooms are single occupancy. Peirce Hall is conveniently located near the athletic center, shuttle stop, and the Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA).

A private portion of Peirce also houses academic administrators' offices and CASA.    

  • Capacity: 104
  • Room types: Double and single occupancy rooms
  • Room rates:
    • Standard/traditional double: $9,100
    • Design single: $10,000
    • Premium single: $12,100
  • Large first-floor lounge for socializing and studying
  • Kitchenette
  • Laundry facilities
  • Close proximity to CASA, shuttle stop and classroom buildings

West Hall

West Hall opened in 2016. The building is six stories with capacity for approximately 315 residents. The majority of rooms are connected double-double bedroom units with a shared private bathroom. There are also connected single-single bedroom units with a shared private bathroom. The first floor boasts a game room and the main lounge includes a fireplace and kitchenette area. The top floor includes a large media room lounge with tall floor-to-ceiling glass exterior walls. There are also lounges on each floor featuring common seating areas, TVs, and enclosed study lounges.

  • Capacity: 315
  • Room types: Rooms in West Hall are considered conjoined rooms, and have two bedrooms connected by a shared bathroom. Conjoined rooms are available in the following configurations: 
    • Two double occupancy rooms
    • Two single occupancy rooms
    • One double occupancy, and one single occupancy room
  • Room rates: 
    • Conjoined double: $10,100
    • Design single: $11,100
    • Premium single: $13,100
  • Large first-floor lounge featuring a fireplace
  • Full kitchen area (includes stove, microwave, and oven)
  • Enclosed study rooms on each floor
  • TV lounges on each floor
  • Media lounge 
  • Laundry facilities
  • Elevator access
Exterior of West Hall
West Hall

Living Learning Communities

Our Living Learning Communities (LLCs) at Framingham State University are focused on providing the opportunity for residents to live among peers with shared interests dedicated to pursuing this area of passion in their community. These passions are assisted by a faculty/staff liaison who provides support to the community. Through programming, discussion, and service, residents will form bonds with their peers over this shared experience and foster a connection to the community through their passions.

Our LLCs will:

  • Provide support as you transition into college.
  • Create a sense of belonging to the FSU Community.
  • Help you build connections to FSU staff and faculty while also connecting with campus resources.

LLC Floors:
Academic High Achievement
Are you an academic high achiever looking for a community of scholars? Residents interested in supporting one another to reach their academic goals in a success focused community, may wish to live on this floor in Corinne Hall Towers. With a connection to the Honors program, residents are encouraged to enjoy a community with fellow high achievers.

Looking for a community of scholars? Residents interested in motivating each other to reach their academic goals and support the community with study skills are able to be live amongst each other in Towers. With a connection to the Honors program, residents are encouraged to celebrate their academic achievements with their fellow achievers.

Substance-Free Living. Nutrition. Health education. Exercise. These are just a sample of the interests of those that live in this community in Corinne Hall Towers. With support from FSU’s Health & Wellness office, residents with explore these topics through educational programming & events. Come live with fellow health enthusiasts who hope to better their mind, body and soul.

Passionate about LGBTQIA+ community and the issues that affect and influence it? Join members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies on Rainbow Road. An intentional community, in Corinne Hall Towers, that is dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment.

Are you interested in social justice causes and working toward making our society a more inclusive space? Come join a community in Corinne Hall Towers who wishes to lift up the voices of those that have been oppressed. On this floor, you can be a part of the movement towards inclusive excellence through programming and educational efforts for the FSU community.


Residence Life Amenities and Services

  • Card Access and Video Monitoring

    General Safety Policies and Procedures

    Dining Services

    Laundry Services


    Mail and Package Delivery


Convenience. Connections. Community. Without a commute all the amenities campus has to offer are at your fingertips. You have more time to study, more flexibility to meet with professors, stop by CASA, hang out with friends, and participate in clubs and activities on campus.  In the residence halls you will be a part of a vibrant community with engaging staff, great events, and new friends!

The Office of Admissions will inform you if have been accepted as a resident or commuter based on your admissions application. If you wish to change your status from commuter to resident, please contact Admissions and they can assist.

Once your enrollment deposit is made, information on how to access the online housing application is provided by Admissions. Be sure to monitor your FSU student email for information related to housing assignments.

To satisfy the Residence Hall License Agreement, resident students are required to complete the online housing application academic year. 

If you have trouble logging in to the application, first, be certain that you paid your deposit. Next, try to log in using a different browser.  If help is still needed, please contact the Office of Residence Life via phone 508-626-4636 or email at residencelife [at] (residencelife[at]framingham[dot]edu).  The office is open Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

It is important to note that these floors/areas have limited space and requests for preferences are not guaranteed.

FSU primarily assigns housing based on preferences indicated on the housing application. These preferences include:

FSU primarily assigns housing based on preferences indicated on the housing application. These preferences include:

  • Room Location and type
  • Living Learning Communities
  • Full academic year housing option (includes Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks) (Larned Hall and Miles Bibb Hall)
  • Gender-Inclusive Housing 

Other Options:

  • Full academic year housing option (includes: Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks) (Larned Hall and Miles Bibb Hall)
  • Gender-Inclusive Housing 
  • West Hall (semi-private bathrooms)

It is important to note that these floors/areas have limited space and requests for preferences are not guaranteed.

FSU primarily assigns housing based on preferences indicated on the housing application. These preferences include

  • Room Location and type
  • Living Learning Communities
  • Full academic year housing option (includes Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks) (Larned Hall and Miles Bibb Hall)
  • Gender-Inclusive Housing 

YES! If you complete your housing applications by the published deadline you will have an option to create or join a “Roommate Group” when completing your online housing application. Then self-select your room assignments online. Please note, both roommates must complete their applications by the deadline in order for this process to work.

First-year students may be assigned to live in any hall except for Miles Bibb Hall. We purposely arrange for first-year and returning students to live as neighbors, which allows upper-class students to serve as unofficial mentors to first-year students. This also mirrors the social dynamics of student interactions in campus clubs, organizations, athletic teams, etc.  

Due to limited availability, you are generally not assigned to a single room as a first-year student. Most single rooms are selected through the returning student room selection process on a seniority basis. The Office of Residence Life maintains a single-room wait list for residents interested in a single occupancy room. New students may request to be placed on the single-room wait list after taking occupancy.

Please review the room rates for each residence hall in the “Quick Facts and Amenities” tabs above. All resident students are required to have a meal plan. Those who do not pick one will receive a meal plan based on their academic year. The Ultimate Plan is the default for freshman and sophomores.

Meal plan options can be found at

  • General Safety Policies and Procedures
    • It takes the collective effort of all Framingham State community members to ensure a safe and secure environment. Students play a major role in the process and have personal responsibility for their safety. All members of our community must make a concerted effort to be aware of what might be happening around them and promptly report suspicious activity. In case of an emergency, the Framingham State University Police Department is available 24/7. Community members who remain alert and report concerns to the Framingham State Police Department greatly enhance campus safety.
  • Card Access and Video Monitors
    • All residence halls are equipped with card access and video monitoring systems. This state-of-the-art system allows each resident's identification card to function as a combination of residence hall front door key, meal card, and library card. The card access and video monitoring systems help limit access to the halls to authorized individuals only.
    • Security Desk Attendants (SDA) staff the security desk in the residence halls. SDAs verify residency upon entry to the hall, screen and register guests, sign out hall equipment, enforce policies within the lobby, and monitor the entrance. Residents must present their identification cards to the SDA each time they enter the residence hall.
    • Rooms are secured by metal keys that residents are issued when they arrive for the semester. 

Click here for our suggested packing list.  You will see we highlight some of the prohibited items on the list.  For a full list of prohibited items, please refer to The Guide to Residence Living.

You can bring your own compact refrigerator as long as it is is under 3.1 cubic feet and is ENERGY STAR rated.  You may not bring a personal microwave.  There are commercial microwaves available in each residence hall kitchen area.  Microfridges are combination microwave/freezer/refrigerator units that may be used in the residence halls. They are available for rent from Residence Life for $230.00 for a full academic year. More information about renting a Microfridge can be found on the Amenities and Services page.

For the safety, health, and well-being of all residents, pets are not allowed in the residence halls, except for fish kept in a tank with a capacity of 10 gallons or less. Fish may not be left in the residence halls between the fall and spring semesters.

Information regarding housing assignments and assigned roommate(s) is accessible through the myResLife portal on myFramingham. You will be notified when this is available.

It is common for students to worry “What if things don’t work out with my roommate(s)?” It is important to have an open mind and honestly communicate with a new roommate about expectations in the living environment. Area/Residence Directors and Resident Assistants are available to consult with you about how to have these conversations and/or navigate conflict with roommates. There is also an open room change process which will begin about two weeks into each semester. This process is open to residents interested in living in another room and/or residence hall. Students interested in applying for a room change should see their Area/Residence Director (professional staff member in the residence hall) for a Room Change Request form. 

Rooms are furnished with dressers, desks with chairs, a closet/wardrobe, and a bed. Premium single rooms have full-size beds, all other rooms have extra-long twin beds. 

Most of the beds are adjustable.  Most have a 20" minimum clearance.

You are encouraged to decorate your room to make it feel like your new home. Moderate amounts of posters, etc. may be put up on room walls. Removable non-marking poster tape or putty are the only adhesives permitted to be used on room walls.

Wired and wireless internet are available in the halls at no additional cost.  You will need to bring your own Ethernet cord for wired internet which is available in all halls except West Hall and Miles Bibb Hall.

The anticipated date for first-year student move-in is historically, the weekend prior to the first day of class. Specific instructions, including time frames for move-in based on hall and floor assignment, will be emailed to your FSU email account in mid-August.

Mailboxes are located near the lobby in each residence hall. Mail is delivered Monday – Friday with the exception of holidays. You will be assigned a box number within the first two weeks of the academic year. All mail should include the following information:

Residence Hall – Room #
Mailbox #
Framingham State University
100 State St., Box 9101
Framingham, MA 01701-9101 

Packages that do not fit in students’ mailboxes will be stored and students will receive a slip in their mailbox that they have a package. Packages can be picked up each evening when an RA is on duty.

Resident Assistants (RA) are student leaders who live with the resident students and are selected and trained to help establish a healthy residence community. They either assist directly or provide referrals for questions or concerns with academics, safety and security, physical or mental health, and other topics that are a part of living on-campus. The next level of staff is the Area Directors (AD) and Resident Director (RD). ADs and RDs are full-time, professional staff that work and live in the buildings. They supervise student staff and are responsible for the overall management of the residence hall(s) to which they are assigned.

Can't Find the Answers You're Looking For?

Other resources available include The Guide to Residence Living and The RAM Student Handbook, or you can contact the Office of Residence Life via phone, 508-626-4636, or by email at residencelife [at]

The Office of Residence Life is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

West Hall Room

Off-Campus Housing

To assist students in their search for off-campus housing or parking, the following information is available:

The Office of Residence Life maintains postings received in an off-campus housing and parking listing binder as an informational resource for students. The binder is available to students and FSU staff during normal business hours. 

Owners or agents wishing to add information to the binder may submit an Off-Campus Housing Form or Off-Campus Parking Form to the Office of Residence Life. 

Please note: Any information regarding off-campus housing opportunities should be evaluated carefully before committing. Information posted or shared at the university is done so for informational purposes only. The university does not evaluate nor imply the suitability or safety related to any off-campus housing property, landlord, realtor, or any other person or organization associated with off-campus housing.

About Us

Office Hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

Office Location: Corinne Hall Towers, Room 100 (first level)

Phone Number: 508-626-4636

Email: residencelife [at] (residencelife[at]framingham[dot]edu)


As an office within Student Development at Framingham State University, Residence Life and Housing strives to:

  • Support student access to educational opportunities by providing quality on-campus housing options.
  • Create and maintain a caring and disciplined residence hall community that supports academic pursuit, learning and student success.
  • Foster a climate that is responsive to the developmental needs of resident students and which values and promotes inclusive excellence, diversity, responsible citizenship, and intellectual inquiry.
  • Recognize and honor the traditions and heritage of Framingham State University.

Meet Our Staff

Photo of Glenn Cochran

Glenn Cochran

Associate Dean of Students, Student Life
Photo of Stephanie Crane

Stephanie Crane

Associate Director of Residence Life
Joseph Barbagallo

Joseph Barbagallo

Assistant Director of Residence Life
Justin Smith

Justin Smith

Coordinator, Assignments and Housing Operations