Political Science Major

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences – Department of Political Science


The General Education Requirements

All students must satisfy a general education requirement consisting of ten (10) courses outside of the major department. The General Education Domain III-C (Global Competency, Ethical Reasoning, and/or Human Diversity) requirement is satisfied through the completion of the Politics major.


Course Prerequisites

Courses may have specified conditions for enrollment, such as prior completion of less advanced courses, permission of the instructor, or appropriate placement test scores. Students should refer to course descriptions in the department listings for prerequisite requirements.


Requirements for Politics Major (UPOG):                              

The Political Science major consists of twelve (12) courses and one (1) required/related general education course.

Introductory Core Courses (required):

  • POSC 110 Introduction to American Politics
  • POSC 120 Introduction to World Politics

Required Major-Related course:

  • MATH 117 Introduction to Statistics

Intermediate Courses (select two):

  • POSC 211 Political Theory: Justice, Law, and Order
  • POSC 216 Film and Politics
  • POSC 220 The Politics of Globalization
  • POSC 223 Bureaucratic Politics and Power
  • POSC 250 American Legal Systems
  • POSC 260 Comparative Political Systems

Students majoring in Political Science should complete POSC 110 Introduction to American Politics and POSC 120 Introduction to World Politics during their freshman year. All above courses must be completed prior to the end of the sophomore year.

Advanced core courses (required):

  • POSC 316 United States Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
  • POSC 337 Legislative Politics and Policy
  • POSC 341 The Presidency: Politics and Administration

Advanced courses (select three):

  • POSC 313 American Political Thought
  • POSC 325 Public Management
  • POSC 327 Elections and Campaign Strategy
  • POSC 328 Public Budgeting and Management
  • POSC 329 Public Policy Analysis
  • POSC 342 Formation and Conduct of U.S. Foreign Policy
  • POSC 365 Latin American Politics

One Elective:

  • Any course offered by the Political Science Department


  • POSC 425 Seminar in Politics