English Language Programs

Framingham State University has one of the most established English language programs in the MetroWest region. We have a wide variety of programs for beginners to advanced learners that help you improve your English language skills, prepare for further university study in the United States and learn about American culture, business, and other subjects.


  • The Academic English Language Programs include: Intensive English Program, Bridge to University and Professional Success Program, and Pathways2Degree Program.

    All courses meet in person in the mornings and afternoons.

    All levels of English are welcome.

    Academic English Language Programs courses & price information: Português - Español - English


  • The Community English Language Program offers in-person and remote courses in the evenings and Saturday mornings.

    All levels of English are welcome.

    Community English Language Program courses & price information: Português - Español - English


  • Contact Information

    English Language Programs
    O'Connor Hall
    100 State Street
    Framingham, MA 01701

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    Direct Line: (508) 215-5726
    For English, Portuguese or Spanish: (508)-626-4958
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  • Information Session & Assessment Test Dates
    Academic English Language Programs
    English - Português - Español

    Community English Language Program
    Information and Registration Assistance, call 508-626-4958 or send us an e-mail to esl@framingham.edu
    Our staff also speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

Our Students

Student Spotlight
Juliane Locks, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Community English Language Program

"I chose FSU's Community English Language Program (CELP) because it had good references and was more affordable than other programs. I am studying English to improve my verbal and written communication as well as to better understand American culture. Having good fluency in English provides more and better opportunities to work in any professional area, as well as to earn greater pay. I was surprised by the quality of the instructors, the dynamism and energy of the classes, as well as the respect the instructors have for different cultures. The CELP is a very humanizing, welcoming and a safe place where you can learn and ask questions about different cultural contexts of this country. Studying English at FSU has made me more confident, and it's helping me a lot with my adaptation in the US."

Student Spotlight
Angie Ruiz Valencia, Cali, Colombia

Community English Language Program

"I am studying English in the Community English Language Program (CELP) to gain enough English skills and knowledge to have better opportunities in my personal life and to advance in my career. In my country, I am an attorney and my goal is to continue my profession in the US.  In one year, I have noticed my English improving greatly. The knowledge I have been developing has helped me to get better work and a better income in comparison to the jobs that I used to have when I had just arrived in the US. The instructors have always been very respectful of my learning process, providing me resources and information so that I can better comprehend different topics and subject areas in English. I highly recommend this program because it gives you good learning tools that allow you to integrate into the community.”

Student Spotlight
Thaís Ribeiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Academic English Language Programs

“I am an international student from Brazil studying in the Academic English Language Programs at Framingham State University (FSU).  My main goal is to get an international master’s degree in psychology. I chose FSU for English study because the teachers are very competent, creative, and respectful; classes are dynamic and interesting, and the team is very friendly and supportive. I feel they really care about the students.  My English skills have improved a lot since I started studying at FSU.  I feel more confident while speaking and I have been able to improve my vocabulary, reading, writing, and research skills to a very high level.  I am learning how to think fast and innovatively, as a master’s program will require me to do. In fact, I recently received the news that I have been accepted into a master’s program for the 2022-2023 academic year!  This success is why I recommend the Academic English Language Programs at FSU to every international student who is looking for a friendly environment and qualified program to improve their English skills.”