Master of Human Resources

In 2018, stated that the Framingham State MHR Program has the highest quality and is the most cost-effective SHRM-aligned master of human resources program in Massachusetts.

Why Choose the Master of Human Resources from Framingham State University?

As a public institution, our tuition costs are lower than private institutions. So, if you are paying out-of-pocket or your organization is paying, it gives far more value for the dollar. Our faculty are scholar-practitioners. That is, they understand the theory, principles, and concepts of human resource management. However, they are also practicing in the field doing every day that which they are teaching. This provides you the right balance between theory and practice. Our class sizes are small; typically 10-15 students per course. This means you will be able to engage in active discussions with fellow students who may work in the for-profit, not-for-profit, or government sectors. Also, the faculty members really get to know you and you get to know them. This is helpful for networking.

We are centrally located at the crossroads of the Mass. Turnpike, Rte. 9, and Rte. 495 nearby. We are easier to access than driving into Boston. And, if you’re in central Massachusetts, this will be a short reverse commute.

Our program is aligned with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), which is the premier, international human resources professional association. Our courses are virtually all hybrid with one fully online. This enables you to complete much of your coursework without having to come to campus every week.

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