The FSU Education Licensure Office endorses the applications of candidates who have completed all licensure program requirements. The electronic endorsements are completed in:

  • late January (December completers)
  • mid-February (January completers)
  • early June (May completers)
  • mid-September (August completers)

NOTE:  All approved Initial licensure programs require a practicum and university endorsement.

If you completed an approved licensure program at FSU, please complete the Endorsement Request Form and follow the steps below to apply for your license with FSU endorsement and to help ensure timely processing of your licensure application.

If you did not complete an approved program, continue through the steps below, but
replace the FSU Education Licensure Office address with the following:

MA DESE Office of Educator Licensure
at 75 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148


At the end of each semester, we hold workshops, by licensure groups, for new program completers applying for licensure.  Applying for licensure can be a tricky process and mistakes are not easily fixed. Please make every effort to attend at the scheduled time.  Individual meetings are not possible.

What to Have With You: 

  • your ELAR username and password
  • a laptop computer or a tablet (Phones do not work well for this activity.)
  • a credit card to pay for your:
    1. licensure application
    2. official FSU transcript

Effective July 1, 2014, all candidates for an Initial teaching license as a core academic teacher must receive a “Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) Endorsement” to receive an Initial teaching license from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. SEI is an approach to teaching which makes content material comprehensible and accessible to English Language Learners. 

SEI for licensed teachers:

Framingham State University offers TESL 910 Sheltered English Immersion (SEI), a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)-approved graduate level course, leading to the SEI endorsement. 


  1. Enrollees who are not currently matriculated in an Initial licensure program at FSU,
    must show proof (license #) of a Massachusetts Initial or Professional teaching license prior to registration.
  2. All enrollees must have access to a classroom with English Language Learners.


TESL 910, FSU's stand-alone SEI course, is a four-credit-hour, graduate-level course. Please see Tuition and Fees for details.

Hours:  one evening per week for three hours and twenty minutes

Duration:  for fifteen weeks, the length of the semester

Offering and Registration:

This course is offered during the spring and fall semesters.  Those not matriculated in an Initial licensure program at FSU, must receive permission of the instructor to register.

Continuing Education

Browse Courses

From the Graduate drop-down menu, choose World Languages and TESL.

Questions and Additional Information:

For questions and additional information regarding this course, please contact Dr. Anne Roberti at aroberti [at] (aroberti[at]framingham[dot]edu) or 508-215-5713.

Applying for the SEI Endorsement

Framingham State University licensure programs are approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Please note that advancing to the Professional license requires three years of experience teaching under the initial license, a master's degree, and twelve graduate credits in content or pedagogy appropriate for the license.  If your chosen degree allows elective courses, please work closely with your advisor to ensure that you are taking courses appropriate for the license as well as the degree.

NOTE:  Professional licensure candidates who already hold a master's degree should seek advice from the appropriate program advisor or from the licensure officer.

If you completed an approved licensure program at FSU and are applying for a license in another state, please select the link below for instructions. Most states require some type of verification and have forms designed for this purpose.


When will I receive a copy of my license?
The Massachusetts DESE no longer issues hardcopies of licenses. You may print a copy of your license from your ELAR profile area. Once you logon, click on the "Check license status..." link. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the "View/Print" tab under License Information.

Which MTEL tests are required for licenses?
Massachusetts DESE required subject matter MTEL exams for each license. Note that some licenses require multiple subject matter exams.

I am applying for the Specialist Teacher: Reading license, and I already submitted my proof of experience document to the DESE. Why do I need to provide a copy to the Licensure Officer?
Framingham State University participates in the "batching" process with the state. The process requires we submit all documentation for a candidate's licensure action in one packet. The benefit of using this process is that the DESE prioritizes the "batches" and processes those licenses in a timely manner. Candidates are always welcome to submit their materials to the DESE independently, but this may increase processing time, possibly by several weeks. If you do wish to submit your materials independently, please include a note on your endorsement request form.

We are accepting - Fall 2024 Field Experience Applications

January 23-February 15

Please be sure to plan ahead:

To have your  one-page essay carefully reviewed (with a CASA Writing Tutor, if at all possible).

If you wait too long to schedule, there may not be any appointments remaining.


For application submission/drop-off
with Ms. Sandy Shaw or Ms. Margaret Hagemeister.

If you wait too long to schedule, there may not be any appointments remaining.


  • Log into Starfish via:  LEARN MORE
  • Select Application Drop Off.
  • Use the mini calendar on the left to select a range of dates;
    we are accepting applications between January 23 and February 15.
  • Follow the prompts. Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation from Starfish.

According to the Essay Guidelines no later than the evening prior to your appointment with the writing tutor.

Via the Fall 2024 online application survey,
no later than 24 hours prior to your application submission/drop-off appointment.

In a Microsoft Word .docx document (so we can copy & paste, please) attached to an email to Mrs. Shaw (sshaw1 [at] (sshaw1[at]framingham[dot]edu)) or Ms. Hagemeister (mhagemeister [at] (mhagemeister[at]framingham[dot]edu)), whomever your appointment is with, no later than 24 hours prior to to your appointment.
NOTE:  If you are unable to convert to MS Word or attach to email, please copy and paste your essay into the body of the email, with extra lines between each paragraph.

Additional Resources

  1. We are using shared, online time/activity logs.  You will be sent a link at the start of the semester.
  2. Dispositions Assessment Rubric
  1. Application submissions require a brief (10-minute) conversation. Be sure to schedule your appointment via Starfish.
  2. Applications for fall placements are due no later than February 15.
  3. Applications for spring placements are due no later than September 29 (for spring 2024). 
    [Since October 1, 2023 falls on a Sunday, applications must be due on September 29.

MTEL and Massachusetts Educator Personnel ID (MEPID)

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure are a series of qualifying exams. All licensure candidates must pass all required tests.

  1. When registering for any portion of the MTEL, please have all results sent to Framingham State University
  2. A Massachusetts Educator Personnel ID (MEPID) is required to register for an MTEL.  
  3. Save (both electronic and hardcopy) score reports for all exams you have passed.

Create and Identify your MEPID

  1. MTEL policies and deadlines may vary by program.  Please consult your academic advisor for guidance.
  2. Regardless of policies and deadlines, please plan ahead, and allow at least two attempts to pass each required exam prior to completion of your program, so that you will be hirable upon completion of your program.
  3. Please refer to the MTEL Test and Score Dates to determine:
    • the last score report date prior to the deadline
    • the last date to take the test to meet the results deadline

  4. MTEL requires 45 days between test sessions for an individual exam.  For example, if you take MTEL 001 Reading on February 1, you must wait until March 17 to retake that test.  You may register anytime after the previous session, i.e. February 1.

Once submitted, all field experience applications are active until:

  1. candidate directly notifies the FSU Field Placement Office of withdrawal
  2. all opportunities to meet requirements have expired
  3. candidate completes the placement.

Candidates must notify the Field Placement Office of any changes or withdrawals.

Contact Information

Educator Licensure and Placement Office

O'Connor Hall 125
Ms. Sandra Shaw, Director
Educator Placement and Licensure
sshaw1 [at] (sshaw1[at]framingham[dot]edu)
Phone:   508 626 4573