Card Access and Video Monitoring

All residence halls are equipped with a card access and video monitoring system. This state-of-the-art system allows each resident’s identification card to function as a combination residence hall front door key, meal card, and library card. The card access and video monitoring system helps limit access to the halls to authorized individuals only.

Security Desk Attendants (SDA) staff the security desk in the residence halls. SDAs verify residency upon entry to the hall, screen and register guests, sign out hall equipment, enforce policies within the lobby, and monitor the entrance. Residents must present their identification cards to the SDA each time they enter the residence hall.  

General Safety Policies and Procedures 

It takes the collective effort of all Framingham State community members to ensure a safe and secure environment. Students play a major role in this process and have personal responsibility for their safety. All members of the community must make a concerted effort to be aware of what might be happening around them and promptly report suspicious activity. In case of an emergency, contact Framingham State University Police Department at 508-626-4911. Community members who remain alert and report concerns to the Framingham State Police Department greatly enhance campus safety.

Micro-Fridge Rental

This year MicroFridge units will not be available for request, they will be designated standard furniture in certain rooms. If you are interested in having a MicroFridge unit in your room, you should search for this room type when selection a housing during room selection. The cost of the unit is $230 per year and this charge is in addition to the room rate and where applicable split between the two roommates of the room.

Bringing your own?
  • Policies concerning appliances are outlined in the Guide to Residence Living. All personal refrigerators and MicroFridge-type units must be inspected and approved by the Office of Residence Life before they are brought past the residence hall Security Desk. Email residencelife [at] if there are concerns or questions about the unit you would like to bring.
  • Compact Fridge are allowed as long as it meets our criteria. 
    • One fridge per dorm room (exception must be authorized through Resident Life). 
    • 3.1 cubic foot total max capacity freezer/refrigerator or smaller.
    • Unit must be Energy Star Certified (careful, some claim to be "energy certified" but are not Energy Star certified).  A list of compact refrigerators meeting our guidelines is available at  
  • MicroFridge units, which include microwaves, are permitted in the residence halls as long as it meets our criteria. 
    • 700 watt microwave max.
    • 3.1 cubic foot total max capacity freezer/refrigerator or smaller.
    • Unit must be Energy Star Certified (careful, some claim to be "energy certified" but are not Energy Star certified).  A list of products meeting our guidelines is available at  
    • Utilize current limiting circuitry and have only one plug to the wall
  • Stand alone microwaves are NOT allowed.

All resident students are required to have a meal plan. Those who do not pick one are defaulted into a plan based on their academic year. The Ultimate Plan is the default for freshman and sophomores.

Meal plan options can be found at

Coin and card operated washers and dryers are available in all residence halls. Because machines are shared with other students, laundry should be removed as soon as a cycle is completed. It is recommended that students do not leave items unattended in the laundry room. Washing machines may not be used for dyeing or any 54 other activity which may damage the machines. CSC Service Works is the company who provides laundry service in the residence halls. Any problems with machines should be reported to CSC Service Works at 1-844-272-9675 or at


All resident students have network access available to them from their rooms. Students can find frequently asked questions, computer requirements, information on the laptop program, and other useful information at the Framingham State ITS website. If you have other questions, or have network problems, please call the Technology Resource Center at 508-215-5906


Mailboxes are located near the lobby in each residence hall. Mail is delivered Monday – Friday with the exception of holidays. Students are assigned box numbers within the first two weeks of the academic year. All mail addressed to residents should include the following information:

Students Name
Name Residence Hall – Room # Mailbox #
Framingham State University
100 State St., Box 9101
Framingham, MA 01701-9101

Although mailbox numbers are helpful to include on the address, mail received prior to move-in will be sorted and delivered in the first week.

The residence halls are not equipped with secured package storage. Residents may wish to make arrangements to personally receive items that do not fit into the resident’s mailbox. If a package is received at a residence hall, package slips are used to inform students about mail too large for their mailboxes. To retrieve this material, students must turn in the package slip, show their Framingham State identification card and sign for the package with the resident assistant on duty between 8:30-10:00 p.m. Residents should use caution when having packages of value shipped to the residence halls. If students choose to have packages (defined as any item which will not fit into the 55 mailbox) shipped to the residence halls, Framingham State staff is not responsible for loss of and/or damage to any such packages. Students can mail packages or letters at the Framingham Post Office in Trolley Square (across Route 9). In addition, a USPS mailbox is located in front of O’Connor Hall. Packages are not delivered to the residence halls on weekends. Residents are advised to have time-sensitive items shipped to their home since packages may not be available on weekends or after hours. Residents are strongly advised to notify those business subscriptions or individuals sending them mail of forwarding address prior to the end of each semester, or any time they complete a room change or vacate a hall. Mailboxes are used to deliver official campus mail. Students are expected to check their mailboxes daily. Concerns or problems with mail boxes or mail delivery should be reported to the area director.