The FSU Difference

Framingham State University is a place where inquisitive, career-focused students thrive. Your success matters to us. From your first day as an FSU student to the day you graduate (and beyond), we're there to help you find your road to success.

Active Learning

Success starts with making learning interesting. Here new ideas and discoveries are a daily occurrence. Classes are not just about listening. Discussing, watching, thinking, being in the thick of the action are big parts of our learning experience. Your ideas and opinions are valued. Subjects become much easier to remember, and getting a 360-degree perspective of other people’s views gives you new insight. You find yourself that much more able to problem-solve. Pretty soon you notice your “I got this” attitude growing by leaps an bounds. Yeah... “you got this!”

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Professional Edge

Knowledge plus experience; that’s what gets you hired and on the road to success. We build that into our academics so that you get professional training as part of your major. Internships, field studies, and on-the-job training are all options available for you to combine in ways that are best for you. The best thing is we’re right in the heart of the MetroWest corridor, between Boston and Worcester, which is teeming with opportunities to get real-world experience. And when it comes to getting your foot in the door, we’ve got your back. We’ll help you with tools, resources, and professional connections.

Internship Spotlight

My Way to Work and Learn

Kaitlyn Shannon '17 >

Major: Food and Nutrition

My freshman year, I learned about the FS2 Food Study coming to Framingham State as part of the partnership with Boston Children's Hospital. During the summer, I commuted to Boston to work 40 hours a week at the hospital. I did some data entry, helped put together flyers and formatted menus for the study. I also helped with other projects at the hospital’s New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center. I was fortunate because my supervisor told me I could spend two-thirds of my time working and one-third of my time learning what I could. That gave me the opportunity to interview program directors at Beth Israel, Children’s and Brigham and Women’s hospitals. I’ve gotten to experience so many different aspects of food and nutrition, from the support side to handling data and working on an IRB (institution review board). It’s such a broad field. The networking has been great, as I’ve gotten to talk to a lot of dietitians."

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Talented Teachers

You expect professors to know their stuff, to be scholars who are constantly acquiring and defining new areas of knowledge. FSU professors do just that. But it's not everywhere that professors are also masters in the classroom who know how to make subject matter interesting, and, more importantly, who take an interest in you. Ask our students and they'll tell you that FSU professors get to know you, challenge you to be your best, and are committed to helping you find your way to success.

Faculty Spotlight

My Way to Lay Down the Law

Dr. Christopher McCarthy-Latimer >

Chair, Political Science Department

I launched Moot Court in the fall of 2014. Students who sign up for it take part in a competition at Fitchburg State University against students from other universities in the Northeast. Unlike in law school, students are provided with a limited number of cases, usually 15 or 16, that everyone uses. There are two constitutional issues that teams have to wrestle with and then respond to questions from a judge. Being able to think and answer questions on your feet is a very valuable skill for just about any profession. It’s also a good way to meet students at other universities. I enjoy when our students go up against students from schools like Princeton or Northeastern because they realize, 'Hey, they’re just like us.'"

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At FSU you are part of a community that is culturally and socially active. When things are going on in the world, we like to discuss them - respectfully. We celebrate the good and look for solutions to the challenges. That means that there are lots of opportunities to get involved in issues that are close to your heart. Facing issues and being civically engaged increases your understanding and adaptability - two big components of success. And, in case you're wondering, we have fun, too! Concerts, sports, clubs, theater, trips into Boston, you name it. There is always something going on. When you're here, whether you live on or off campus, the feeling of being part of a family is genuine. In fact, our students call it "FRAMily."

Student Life Spotlight

My Way to Belong

Thalia Jimenez '18 >

Major: Psychology, Minor: Neuroscience

FSU offered me more financial aid than other schools, but then it became less about the money and more about the community. I'm president of the Psychology Club, an Orientation leader, and a member of the dance team and GenerationOne, a group that supports first-generation college students. I didn’t realize how many different people from different backgrounds could get together and get things done – different incomes, different stories, but with the same interests and goals. I was a minority from a low-income family living in a wealthy town, so it was hard to fit in. Coming here there were people like me, and a lot of people who aren't like me, but who are just accepting. My goal is to help students be more engaged, join clubs and get out of their comfort zone."

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