Curriculum Map

Student Learning Outcomes

Education Core Courses (3)


Art History Courses (2)


Studio Art Courses (4)


Capstone Courses



Communicate effectively utilizing written and oral communication skills. 
Model an expert knowledge of studio materials and fluency in studio art techniques.  
Employ a sophisticated use of design, aesthetic and conceptual processes in the creation of studio art.  
Indicate depth and breadth of experience in art history, and an understanding of subject, meaning and context within art history.   
Demonstrate critical thinking skills by reflecting in visual, oral, and written formats an understanding of art movements both historical and contemporary as the movements relate to individual studio artwork. 
Produce a body of studio work that addresses and communicates an unique and creative vision effectively.  
Express a knowledge of pedagogy and current research specific to the field of art education.  
Demonstrate an ability to apply professional, state, and institutional pedagogical standards to facilitate student learning.  


Education Core:

EDUC 991 Philosophy of Education and Teaching Practice
EDUC 998 Language Development and Communication
EDUC 999 Research and Evaluation

Art History Courses:

Any two (2) graduate-level Art History courses


Studio Art Courses:

Any four (4) graduate-level Studio Art courses


Capstone Course:

ARTS 995 Graduate Seminar in Art Education