Math, Writing and Subject Tutoring


CASA is proud to offer many tutoring options for Framingham State undergraduate and graduate students.  All tutoring services are included in your tuition and fees.  

Tutoring will begin Monday, September 11th! 

Questions?  Please email

During the fall and spring semesters, professional math tutors are available in CASA.

Fall 2023 Tutoring Schedule

Math tutoring is available: 

Mondays 10:30am-9pm 
Tuesday 10am-9pm 
Wednesdays 10am-9pm 
Thursdays 10am-9pm
Fridays 9am-1pm 
Sundays 5-9pm 

During the fall and spring semesters, professional writing tutors are available by appointment.

Fall 2023 Tutoring Schedule

Subject tutors are students of junior or senior standing who are recommended by faculty to be tutors.  During the fall and spring semesters, subject tutors are available 4-10 hours a week  for many areas including: accounting, biology, chemistry, computer science,  earth science and physics,  food and nutrition, business and economics, geography, history, logic, philosophy, research methods/SPSS for sociology and psychology, Spanish. 

Subject TutorSchedule
BiologyRaffiMonday 3-5pm, Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm
Computer ScienceAhmad Monday 1:30-2:20pm, Wednesday 1:30-2:20pm, Thursday 2:30-4:30pm
Chemistry (up to Organic Chemistry I)LivMonday 11:30am-12:30pm, Wednesday 9:30am-10:30am
Chemistry (up to CHEM108)KristinFriday 9am-1pm
Business/AccountingHananeThursday 5-9pm
NutritionIlanaMonday 6:30-8:30pm, Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm
ASL and FrenchErikaTuesday 10:30am-12:30pm, Thursday 12:30-2:30pm
SpanishLauraThursday 11:30-2:00pm
Psychology/Research MethodsPatrickMonday 4:30-6:30pm, Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm
Sociology/Research MethodsBellaThursdays 11:30am-1:30pm

CASA works with academic departments to secure tutors based on need.  Students wishing to request a new subject tutor, or alternative tutoring times, should contact

The Academic Strategy Peer Tutoring (ASPT) program is specifically designed to help new students navigate the transition from high school to college. Academic Strategy Peer Tutors serve as academic mentors and role models and work with students throughout the semester to develop academic skills including: study skills, time management strategies, note taking skills, and test taking strategies.

While the ASPT program largely supports first-year students, any student can choose to work with an ASPT. 

Academic Strategy Peer Tutoring is available during the fall and spring semester. Students needing assistance over the summer should email

Framingham State has partnered with ThinkingStorm to provide free online tutoring to our students.  ThinkingStorm is open every day for online tutoring, which includes on-demand, appointment-based, and submission-based support. To receive tutoring help, simply access online tutoring through the link on your Framingham State University Canvas page. You can then follow the directions on-screen to connect with a live tutor, submit a document to the online Writing Center, or schedule a virtual tutoring appointment.

You may access ThinkingStorm on Canvas under "Account", or on the left-side tool bar within a course.  

Please utilize Chrome or Firefox when accessing ThinkingStorm.  

Please email if you have questions. 

Tutoring is an outstanding way for students to become involved in the Framingham State community.  Any student interested in becoming a subject tutor or an Academic Strategy Peer Tutor (ASPT) should fill out the tutoring application.  Excellent academic standing, a faculty recommendation, and an interview are required.  

For questions about any of the above tutoring services, please contact: 

Emily Turcotte, Academic Success Coordinator

Ally Chisholm, Associate Director of Academic Success 

Dr. LaDonna Bridges, Dean of Academic Success and Persistence