Student Records

Contact the Office of the University Registrar for any questions regarding the printing of your diploma such as spelling errors or other incorrect information.

Please email all questions to registrarsoffice [at] (registrarsoffice[at]framingham[dot]edu)

Submit official transcripts from any previously attended institutions directly to the Office of the University Registrar. If you are submitting your transcript in person, it must be in a sealed and stamped envelope from the previous school.

Please email all transfer credit concerns and questions to registrarsoffice [at] (registrarsoffice[at]framingham[dot]edu)

Check with the department that sponsored the study abroad program, the department will in return have to communicate to the Office of the University Registrar any corrections.

Click here to obtain the form to request an Enrollment Verification.

You can change your address by emailing the Office of the University Registrar @ registrarsoffice [at] (registrarsoffice[at]framingham[dot]edu). Only emails from your University email account will be accepted.  

Freshman: 0 - 07
Sophomore: 8 - 15
Junior: 16 - 23
Senior: 24 - or more

Currently, the University does not determine Class Rank.


You can order transcripts by visiting: Order Transcripts

Generally 1 to 3 business days for electronic copy and 3 - 5 business days for hard copy. However, during peak periods, you will need to allow for 5 to 8 business days for hard copy.

An official transcript is signed and sealed in an envelope.  A transcript becomes unofficial once it is opened. Unofficial transcripts are also online via myFramingham to view your grades from previous semesters.

Yes, it does include the current semester courses as well as pre-registration for a subsequent semester.

Transferred credits will be reflected at the beginning of your FSU transcript.

No. Students are required to have any holds resolved prior to requesting transcripts.


Grades and Grading

A "W" grade means that you withdrew from a course.  A "W" grade does not affect your GPA.
Please note that "W"s may affect future semesters with regard to financial aid eligibility or participation in NCAA sports.

The "W" will not be removed.


Please check with your instructor and your online transcript at myFramingham. If your instructor has informed you that the grade has been changed and you do not see the change reflected on your online transcript, please call the Office of the University Registrar at 508-626-4545.


After completing your course work your professor will submit a grade change.

No. You can view your grades on myFramingham as soon as they are posted.

Please review the Grade Appeal Policy as found in the current Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog.



Full-Time Status for Fall and Spring semesters is three (3) course-credits. This is the equivalent of 12 semester hours. Students usually register for four (4) course-credits per semester (equivalent to 16 semester hours).

Three (3) to four (4) course-credits is the required credit load.

Various reasons may apply - please review the error message you see when attempting to register.

Please refer to All About Tuition and Fees for the actual percentages.

Non-degree seeking students may enroll in summer or intersession courses offered by the University. For more information about what courses are available. Please visit our Continuing Education webpages for more information.

Please contact your Academic Advisor or Department Chair. If you don't know who your advisor is, you can easily view this information through myFramingham. You may also contact the Academic Advising Center located in O'Connor Hall.