Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office generates transactions for tuition, fees, housing, meal plans, mandatory fees, general deposits, and other miscellaneous charges on a student's account. We manage the invoicing and collection of payments to a student's account and process student refunds.

Day Division All About Tuition and Fees - FALL 2019 

This publication contains Day Division student information on procedures for paying the Student e-Bill, refund policies, health insurance requirements, and other special reminders.

Fall e-Bills are being sent to the student’s FSU e-mail on July 10, 2019. Payment of the entire bill balance is due on August 1, 2019.  The payment plan is available on, through Nelnet/Tuition Management Systems.

To satisfy your spring semester balance on you must ensure that the following requirements are completed:

 1.) Notify us here that you will or will not be attending this term.  This can be done by clicking the “Required Notification to FSU on Attendance” link in your myFramingham account. Simply withdrawing from classes does not officially withdraw you from the university; without your response to the “Required Notification to FSU on Attendance” you may still incur charges.

2.) If you are a full time student (enrolled in 3 credits or more) you must waive or enroll in the Health Insurance plan offered by the University. Students that waive in the health insurance during the fall term Do not need to waive again. If you already have health insurance coverage, you must complete the online Health Insurance Waiver form.  That form can be found at the following website: Waive today to avoid an unnecessary charge. Furthermore, be aware that if you do not waive the insurance by the deadline of September 30, 2019. You will be enrolled automatically and responsible for the payment of $3,444.

3.) Make arrangements to fully satisfy any remaining spring semester balance on your account. Monthly payment plans are available through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to assist with any remaining balance that may not be fully covered by financial aid.  Contact Nelnet/TMS at or 800-722-4867.