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Summer 2020 Courses

Billing Release Date:  April 27, 2020

Billing Due Date:  May 11, 2020


COVID-19 Information

Due to the financial needs of our students, we are immediately providing credits/adjustments for unused housing, meal and parking expenses. We believe it appropriate to advance these university funds in anticipation of the potential receipt of Federal stimulus funding which may assist our ongoing effort to better assure student affordability for future semesters. Thanks to the hard work and coordination between Student Accounts, Housing, Dining, and IT, we posted these credits on April 3, 2020 and expect all refunds to be processed by the end of April.

COVID-19: Meal Plan, Housing, and Parking Adjustment FAQs

How was my meal plan adjustment calculated?

Standard Plans

If you had a standard meal plan, then your adjustment was calculated as follows: 

  • The overall cost of your Meal Plan (not including Dining Dollars) is divided by 107 Days (# of days in the semester) = the per day rate
  • 54 days (the # of unused days) are multiplied by the per day rate = Meal Plan credit

If your plan had Dining Dollars, any unused Dining Dollars will be credited back to you.

Block Plans

If you had a Block Meal plan, then your adjustment was calculated as follows: 

  • The overall cost of your Block Plan (not including Dining Dollars) is divided by # of meals in the Block Plan = per meal rate
  • The per meal rate is multiplied by the # Meals remaining = Meal Plan credit for the semester

If your plan had Dining Dollars, any unused Dining Dollars will be credited back to you.

Dining Dollar Plans

Any unused dining dollars on your meal plan will be credited back to you as a separate amount.

Ram Cash or Gift Dining Dollar Plans

These amounts do not expire and, therefore, will not be refunded. These amounts will remain on your Ram Card for future use.


How do I view my Dining Dollars and Block Meal Plans used?

The number of Block Meals or Dining Dollars that have been used can be viewed by logging into your Framingham Dining Services account.  Please view this short tutorial: Managing Your Dining Account.

 Managing Your Dining Account

Homepage of Blackboard

Do not log in to Blackboard

Instead of logging in, click on Manage Your Dining Account

Dining Services portal will pop up

Homepage of your Dining Services portal

This screen shows you how much Dining Dollars and Ram Cash you have remaining

On the left of this page lists what meal plan you have

To view your transactions, click on the Meal Plan box

This page shows how many times you used a meal swipe

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Dining Dollars, meals used or Ram’s Cash?

Please contact Dining Services via email at!


How was my residence hall adjustment calculated?

  • There are 107 days in the Spring 2020 semester. Your semester room rate is divided by 107 days (# of days in the semester) = the per day rate.
  • March 22 was the date determined to be the last day of housing for most students, adjusting the number of days from 107 days to 62 days of housing charges. The remaining 45 days results in a credit for unused housing that will be applied to the student’s account.


Who do I contact about housing questions?

Residence Life staff are available and can be contacted by email at or by phone at 508-626-4636 during normal business hours.


Who will get the refund and how will it be processed?

All housing, parking, and meal adjustments related to the impact of COVID-19 on the FSU community will be posted to the student’s account.  If there is a credit balance remaining, it will be refunded to the student.  The fastest (and preferred) way to get your refund is via an ACH refund <- click this link for instructions on how to sign up.  ACH refunds are electronically deposited directly into your bank account; otherwise, a refund check will be mailed to the student at the current address on the student record.


Will parking fees be refunded?

All commuter students and resident students, who have moved out of the residence halls, will be credited for a portion of their parking as of March 16, 2020, which is the date that the University notified students of its change to online classes.  The parking credit is based upon the parking refund schedule published annually in the Parking Rules and Regulations Handbook, as follows:

Commuter – 50%        $25

Resident – 60%           $150

Based upon the recommendations by the President, the Governor, and the University President, the University is temporarily waiving the requirement for students to return their decal in order to qualify for the parking credit, so that students are not required to travel to campus to return the decal during the COVID-19 virus outbreak.


Is the Student Accounts Office open?

For the health and safety of our staff, we have heeded the Governor’s advice and the staff is working full time, but remotely.  In lieu of leaving a voice message, please email us at , with your name, student ID number, and the details of your inquiry.    As a result of this temporary solution, there may be some delays in receiving a response.  If you would like to speak with a staff member in more detail, we can schedule a phone appointment.     

In addition, students may access their account information or make payments via electronic check or credit card by logging into


Spring Billing Information

The Student Accounts Office generates transactions for tuition, fees, housing, meal plans, mandatory fees, general deposits, and other miscellaneous charges on a student's account. We manage the invoicing and collection of payments to a student's account and process student refunds.

Day Division All About Tuition and Fees - Spring 2020

This publication contains Day Division, Continuing Education, and Graduate student information on procedures for paying the Student e-Bill, refund policies, health insurance requirements, and other special reminders.

Spring e-Bills are being sent to the student’s FSU e-mail on November 26, 2019. Payment of the entire bill balance is due on December 16, 2019.  The payment plan is available on, through Nelnet/Tuition Management Systems.

To satisfy your spring semester balance on you must ensure that the following requirements are completed:

 1.) Notify our office that you will or will not be attending this term.  This can be done by clicking the “Required Notification to FSU on Attendance” link in your myFramingham account. Simply withdrawing from classes does not officially withdraw you from the university; without your response to the “Required Notification to FSU on Attendance” you may still incur charges.

2.) If you are a full time student (enrolled in 3 credits or more) you must waive or enroll in the Health Insurance plan offered by the University. Students that waive in the health insurance during the Fall semester do not need to waive again. If you already have health insurance coverage, you must complete the online Health Insurance Waiver form.  That form can be found at the following website: Any student who does not waive or enroll in the university's health insurance will be auto-enrolled.

3.) Make arrangements to fully satisfy any remaining Spring semester balance on your account. Monthly payment plans are available through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to assist with any remaining balance that may not be fully covered by financial aid.  Contact Nelnet/TMS at or 800-722-4867.