NEH Faculty Fellows

Erika Schneider

Erika Schneider (Fall 2022)

Professor of Art History

Email: eschneider [at] (eschneider[at]framingham[dot]edu)

Erika Schneider, a professor of art history in the Art and Music department, has created a website and database on the Harlem Renaissance sculptor Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, drawing on the Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller Special Collection at the Danforth Art Museum.

Craig Perrier

Craig Perrier (Fall 2022)

Visiting Assistant Professor

Email: cperrier [at] (cperrier[at]framingham[dot]edu)

Craig Perrier, a visiting assistant professor of Technology and Teaching, has augmented The Globalizing U.S. History Project, which provides K-12 educators with the primary and secondary materials necessary to help students think about U.S. history with a global mindset. Craig has added new modules on "Immigration and Innovation: 1860-Present," "The U.S. Civil War: 1854-1877," "Trans-Atlantic Enslavement and Displacement," and "The United States' Land Based Empire." 

Photo of Lucas Dietrich

Lucas Dietrich (Spring/Fall 2022)

Visiting Lecturer of English

Email: ldietrich [at] (ldietrich[at]framingham[dot]edu)

Lucas Dietrich, a visiting lecturer in the English department, has created a scholarly website on American Book Publishers: 1865-1920, growing out of his monograph, Writing Across the Color Line (University of Massachusetts, 2020). The site overviews major publishing houses of the period and their relationships to key works and authors. Learn more about the project from Lucas's interview.  

Photo of Dr. Giuliano Espino

Giuliano Espino (Spring 2022)

Visiting Lecturer of Political Science

Email: gespino [at] (gespino[at]framingham[dot]edu)

Giuliano Espino, a visiting lecturer of Political Science, has conducted media content analysis of drug coverage in the New York Times since 1960 and its relationship to federal drug policy, drawing on R for text mining and statistical analysis. Learn more about Giuliano's research from his interview.

Yumi Park Huntington

Yumi Park Huntington

Associate Professor of Art History

Email: ypark [at] (ypark[at]framingham[dot]edu)

Yumi Park Huntington, an associate professor of art history in the Art and Music department, has created an African Art Teaching Collection of 74 African artifacts, providing an online gallery with metadata about each artifact's country of origin, medium, and function. Learn more about Yumi's project from her interview.