The Mancuso Humanities Workforce Preparation Center (MHWPC) at Framingham State University promotes the value of the humanities for creating vibrant thinkers, engaged citizens, and skilled professionals. Our FSU humanities majors and minors develop essential skills and perspectives for the 21st-century workforce. We're here to connect current and future students and their families, humanities faculty, and employers with opportunities to benefit from all the humanities have to offer.

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Why should you choose the humanities at FSU?

Because we have what employers want.

  • We major in communication.

  • We major in critical thinking.

  • We major in problem solving.

  • We major in finding, understanding, and manipulating data.

  • We major in creativity.

  • And so much more!

Paula Krebs

Paula Krebs

The MHWPC is the only humanities center designed to simultaneously support two integral and interconnected paths: studying for your degree and preparing for your career. FSU faculty and staff are dedicated to your success! 

Visit Students & Families to find out how the MHWPC can help you secure internships, land your first job, and pursue your long-term professional goals.

FSU humanities faculty do the important work of helping our students develop essential skills.

Visit Faculty to learn how the MHWPC can connect you with professional development opportunities and other resources for amplifying your student-centered projects and community engagement initiatives.

Employers are increasingly recognizing the value of hiring humanities majors. The MHWPC understands the needs of the 21st-century workforce and can help you find skilled interns and employees. 

Visit Employers to find what FSU humanities can do for you! 

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