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Start planning for your future now!

From the moment you start your FSU journey, you'll find opportunities to develop your essential skills and perspectives. Not sure where to start? Get career-ready by following our 4-Year Career Plan for Humanities Majors!

Paths to Success

Wondering what to major in at FSU? Unsure how to achieve your professional goals? We've got good news for you! The MHWPC works with the traditional humanities departments at FSU: Art and Music; Communication, Media, and Performance; English; History; and World Language. In addition to majors and concentration, each department also offers minors, along with many other exciting opportunities. Majoring or taking courses in these departments will help you develop the essential skills and perspectives you'll need for the 21st century workforce. Explore your options, and find your path to success!

Your Job Search

Essential Skills & Perspectives

As you create your application materials and prepare for interviews, be sure to review our list of essential skills and perspectives that employers are looking for. If you're an FSU humanities major or minor, you've got them!

Career Services & Employer Relations

Explore majors, get help with your resume, practice your interviewing skills, and connect with alumni in your field—Career Services & Employer Relations can help you with all this and more! You can sign up for one-on-one consultations via Starfish, and you can search for positions and find employer showcases, career fairs, and other events on HANDSHAKE.

Job Search Strategies for Humanities Majors

Check out the many articles in our news database that will help you think about the value of  humanities, connections between the humanities and other fields, and job market trends. The following articles offer some helpful perspective about how studying the humanities can help your job search:



The founder of the MHWPC, Halcyon Mancuso, has created a scholarship to support students majoring in English and selected humanities and social and behavioral sciences disciplines. Each year, two incoming students receive 100% of their Day Division tuition, fees, and room and board. Find out if you're eligible, learn about the requirements, and apply to be a Mancuso Scholar today!


You've heard how important internships are, and you know you need professional experience—but you have to balance other obligations. The MHWPC can help provide the flexibility you need! We support three types of on- or off-campus internships, which would otherwise be unpaid:

  • Full internships (hours required by a specific department for course credit, full semester)
  • Mini-internships (approx. 4-6 hours per week, full semester)
  • Micro-internships (project-based with defined parameters and start/end dates)