Field Placements

All Field Study I placements require a complete PBTL application submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions prior to the start of the semester of placement. All field experience placements in public schools require also an application for that field experience and are made only by the FSU Coordinator of Field Placements, not by students.

Participation in Field Study I requires completion or enrollment in either PBTL 992 or PBTL 910. With more than 350 Framingham State University students visiting public schools each semester, university-school relations require sensitive and time-consuming arrangements.

Application forms for public school field placement for Field Study I, Field Study II, Field Study III, and the Student Teaching Practicum are available through the University’s Education Department (Dwight Hall 302) or online at this link.

Applications must be submitted in person to the Education Department’s Field Placement office by October 1 for spring semester and February 15 for fall semester placements.

Field Study I may be waived with 36+ hours of classroom experience in non-charter public schools through substitute teaching, service as an aide, or volunteering, over the course of eight or more weeks. The classroom must be similar in level and concentration for the license you are seeking. For specifics see the FSU Education Department Field Placement Handbook: Policies and Guidelines. Documentation of the experience should be provided by the school to the PBTL Program Coordinator at the Office of Graduate Studies, Dwight Hall, Room 204. No other field experiences may be waived.

No class on campus accompanies Field Study I but registration is required so that student records will reflect the completed experience. There is no tuition for Field Study I. There is a fee at registration. Students must also register for the associated courses that are required in conjunction with Field Study II and III, based on their areas of concentration. The field experiences in Field Study II and III serve as a laboratory for the development of teaching skills. These field studies may not be waived.