The Student Transportation Center (STC) offers RAM TRAM shuttle bus service to select, popular Rt. 9 destinations, as well as the Framingham Commuter Rail station.  Please see RAM TRAM schedules below for up to date information regarding this service.

  • Weekday RAM TRAM service will start at 3:15pm.  Vehicles will leave the Bement stop on the :15s and the :45s. Please note that at this time, one vehicle leaves at each time and vehicles must abide by capacity and safety regulations.

*For students interested in shuttle service to Rt. 9 locations before 3:15 p.m. during the week, visit our transportation service page and click on MWRTA to your left for additional information regarding routes and schedules available.

Current Schedules

Spring 2017 Weekday Ram Tram

Spring 2017 Weekend Ram Tram