Tuition & Fees

Framingham State's Tuition and Fees

Day Division Tuition

TypeUndergraduate TuitionGraduate Tuition
In-State$162 (per course)$280 (per course)
Out-of-State$1,175 (per course)$1,175 (per course)
NEBHE$243 (per course)$419 (per course)
International (F-1 Visa)$1,175 (per course)$1,175 (per course)

Day Division Fees

University Fees$1,705 (per course)
Health Center Fee$42.50 (per term)
Library Fee$50 (per term)


  • Day Division students do not get charged for more than 3 full-time courses (or 12 credit hours) per semester.
  • Any charges are subject to change without notice.
  • Please note that only U.S. Citizens, individuals with Legal Immigrant Status, or individuals with approved Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) & Employment Authorization are eligible to be considered for In-State Tuition.

Miscellaneous Fees

International Fee [Graduate]$1,350 (per term)
Graduation Fee [Undergraduate/Graduate]

$100 (upon applying to graduate)

Art Studio Fee [Undergraduate/Graduate]$25 (per art studio course)
Biology Lab Fee [Undergraduate/Graduate]$35 (per biology lab course)
Chemistry Lab Fee [Undergraduate/Graduate]$38 (per chemistry lab course)

Continuing Education/DGCE:

ProgramTuitionFeesTotal Cost
Undergraduates$754$476$1,230 (per course credit)
Graduates [Excludes MBA, MSN, PSM]$884$476$1,360 (per course credit)
Graduates [MBA, MSN, PSM]$1,084$476$1,560 (per course credit)

Regular Course Audit [DGCE]:  $1,000

Senior Citizen Course Audit [DGCE]:  $350

Senior Citizen Course Audit [Day Division]:  $240

Annual Health Insurance Plan:  $3,663.00

Annual Coverage:  August 1, 2022 - July 31, 2023

Spring-Only Plan:  $2,143.00

Spring Coverage:  January 1, 2023 - July 31, 2023

Please note:  Spring-only plans are reserved for students who are new to FSU in the Spring term, or who are newly full-time.

Have more questions about the health insurance?  Visit the FAQ's page!

Dorms - Per Semester


Corinne Hall Towers (Double/Multiple Occupancy)

Horace Mann Hall (Double/Multiple Occupancy)

Larned Hall (Double/Multiple Occupancy)


Horace Mann Jr. Suites (Double)

Linsley Hall (Double)


Corinne Hall Towers (Single)

Horace Mann Hall (Single)

Peirce Hall (Single)


West Hall (Double)

Miles Bibb (Double)


Horace Mann Jr. Suite (Single)

Linsley Hall (Single)

$5,070Linsley Hall (Suite)

West Hall (Single)

Miles Bibb (Single/Suite)

Meal Plans - Per Semester

Plans for All Students:

Value19 Swipes/Week + 10 Guest Passes


Value Plus19 Swipes/Week + 100 DD/Term + 10 Guest Passes$2,165
Premier14 Swipes/Week + 150 DD/Term + 10 Guest Passes$2,185
UltimateUnlimited Swipes + $100 DD/Term + 10 Guest Passes$2,335
Senior 7 7 Swipes/Week & $500 DD/Term (Senior Students Only)$2,185

Plans for Students Living Off Campus:

Block 2525 Swipes/Term$250
Block 25 Plus25 Swipes/Term + $50 DD/Term$290
Block 5050 Swipes/Term$480
Block 50 Plus50 Swipes/Term + $100 DD/Term$570
All Flex500 DD/Term$500

DD = Dining Dollars (expire at the end of each semester

Unused balances are non-refundable