Mission Statement

The mission of the Mathematics major is to develop and enhance undergraduate students' abilities in critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, modeling, and oral and written communication in mathematics.  In order to achieve this mission, the mathematics department provides students' opportunities to study analysis, algebra, probability and statistics, number theory, geometry, and the history and applications of mathematics.  Graduates of the program will be well-equipped to teach at the elementary or secondary level, pursue graduate study in mathematics or a related field, or enter a professional career, particularly one requiring strong analytical skills.

Student in math class

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to construct mathematical proofs, making use of correct mathematical terminology and rules of logic, using a variety of proof techniques, including direct argument, proof by contradiction, and mathematical induction.

  • Students will be able to solve applied mathematics problems using clear, well-written and accurate explanations throughout their solutions.

  • (MAT concentration) Students will be able to explain middle and/or high school mathematical concepts orally and in writing, using multiple techniques, in a manner appropriate for a middle and/or high school audience.

  • (MAG concentration) Students will be able to communicate advanced mathematical concepts clearly and precisely to an audience of peers and faculty.

Meet our Team

Alfred Bown

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics Department

Meghan Maxfield

Office Manager, Nutrition & Health Studies Department and Office Manager, Mathematics Department
Christopher Staniszewski

Christopher Staniszewski

Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department

Betsey Whitman

Professor Emerita, Mathematics Department

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