Daniella Albuquerque '17

Food and Nutrition

Daniella Albuquerque

As a young girl, I always knew that I wanted to help people through food. I loved science in high school and being in a smaller classroom. When I was looking at colleges, I visited Framingham State University and immediately felt at home. Since starting my journey at FSU I have learned more about myself and about nutrition than I could have imagined.

The intimate classrooms allow me to connect with my professors and get more involved. I can always feel comfortable talking to my classmates because most of us have been in the same classes together. Even though FSU may seem to be a smaller community compared to other universities, the University has made a great impact in the greater Boston area. Being a part of this community has opened up doors to a variety of opportunities for me, including the chance to gain experience working at research labs in Boston. Our prestigious programs help shape you into a professional who will be ready to go out into the work environment and feel confident in what you are doing and who you are.