Pre Departure

Things to Consider

Start reviewing the pre-departure handbook for answers to your questions.  Also, there are many travel apps you may want to start loading to your mobile devices to help you while you are abroad.

Plan on receiving and gathering lots of information specific to your location and program. Many third-party providers conduct an online orientation you will be expected to complete.  Framingham State University requires that you participate in our general pre-departure orientation. The more you prepare, the more successful your experience will be!

To do before you leave

There are a lot of things to think about before you study abroad and it can be a little difficult to remember everything. Here is a list of necessities which are frequently overlooked before leaving the country.

Don’t forget your medications. If you do have prescriptions or need large quantities or any medications don’t forget to talk with your insurance and get the amount of medication you’ll need while abroad. Sometimes the process can take some time to complete, so be sure you get this figured out ahead of time. And be sure to pack prescriptions in your carry on bag. 

How are you getting your money? There are multiple options on banking while abroad. ATM's are everywhere and the most common way to access funds, but be aware of any surcharges your bank may impose. Some banks in the U.S. have relationships with banks in other countries, so it’s always a good thing to ask what your options are. There are also travel credit cards that you can apply for that don't charge international transaction fees. If you apply for a credit card, make sure to get one with a microchip in it if you are going to a European country.  But most importantly don’t forget to let your bank know where you will be and for how long! The last thing you want to happen is for your accounts to be frozen once you’re in a different country! 

Will you need a visa? Depending on the country you’re traveling to and the amount of time you’ll be spending there, you may need a visa. Semester study will require a visa! The requirements for every country are very different, so you’ll need to research what you need to do or you can go to the study abroad office to have someone help you!

Make a budget plan. This goes along with how you’ll be getting your money. Will you pay for things only with cash or do you plan on using a credit or debit card? It’s good to plan ahead on how you’ll be obtaining and spending your money. 

Know simple phrases in the native language. If you’ll be traveling to a country that speaks a language you do not, it’s good to know basic phrases and words. Even if you aren’t fluent, it shows respect for the people and culture of the country you’ll be visiting if you at least try to learn a little of the language and use it. 

So those are just a few things to do and think of before you leave the country. Happy travels!