FSU Card Access and Key Request

It is the policy of Framingham State University to promote the security of campus personnel and appropriate access to University property. This policy is based on providing as much security possible with as little inconvenience to the campus as practical. To accomplish this, the following policies have been adopted to enhance personal and building security by maintaining a tight control of the issuance of ID Access Cards.

ID cards will be issued only to authorized persons who have a need for frequent access to specified areas.

If an ID card is lost or stolen, the University Police Department's ID Office must be notified upon discovery of the lost ID card. In the case of theft, the individual will be responsible for providing the ID Office a copy of the police report from the respective department. ID cards must be turned into the ID Office if the University employee transfers to another department or is no longer employed by the University. The employees' final paycheck may be held pending return or clearance of outstanding IDs.

ID cards needed by outside contractors must be authorized by the Facilities Department, including individual name, firm name, and specific dates the contractor will be on campus.

Building security shall be everyone's concern. If you are issued an ID card to access an area make sure you are securing the same area when you are through. Check windows to make sure they are closed and locked, turn electrical appliances off, turn lights off, and secure all doors you unlocked.

Any individual who is not eligible for a key/ID Card whose work responsibility requires him/her to enter a University building or office at a time when the area is locked should make arrangements with their department heads for notification to University Police for access after hours. This may be done by the Department Head notifying University Police at extension 4911.

To obtain an ID card, please fill out the New Employee ID Application. The form is also available at the ID Office on the ground floor of the McCarthy Center (CC100A). The form should be returned to the ID Office during business hours.

To obtain a key, please fill out the Key Request Form.

If you should have any questions regarding your ID, please e-mail the ID Office at idoffice@framingham.edu or call 508-626-4944.

Contact Information

Framingham State University ID Office
McCarthy Center (Access off Church Street)
100 State Street
P.O. Box 9101
Framingham, MA 01701-9101

Phone: 508-626-4911
Fax: 508-626-4899
TTY: 508-626-4008

Email: FSUpolice@framingham.edu