Team Information

The Team’s responsibilities include considering and recommending community responses to reports of bias incidents, as well as serving an educational role in helping to cultivate community values of inclusion, civility, and mutual respect. The Team meets monthly to review incidents, strategize on education and prevention, and discuss campus climate. 

What are the primary functions of the Team?

The primary functions of the Team are to:

  1. Engage community members in education, dialogue, and awareness so as to foster a learning, working, and living community free from hate, discrimination, harassment, and intolerance;
  2. Receive timely and sensitive information on a need to know basis;
  3. Assess the circumstances of the incident as thoroughly and quickly as possible;
  4. Make referrals to appropriate campus officials so that action can be taken- the Team does not conduct investigations into criminal allegations or alleged policy violations; and
  5. Assist in implementation of a coordinated and appropriate community response (engaging partners as needed) and communicate with the community as appropriate.

Team Members


Constanza Cabello- Chair of BERT

Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement

(508) 626-4515

Patricia Birch

Director of Inclusive Excellence Initiatives

(508) 215-5888

Glenn Cochran

Associate Dean of Students

(508) 626-4631 

Kim Dexter

Director of Equal Opportunity, Title IX and ADA  Compliance

(508) 215-5859

Emmanuella Gibson

Executive Admin DICE

(508) 626-4512

Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz

Assistant Professor, Sociology

(508) 626-4866

Jay Hurtubise

Director of Community Standards

(508) 626-4604

Andrew J. Lipsky, LICSW

Director, Counseling Center


Calista L. Ross, MA

Assistant Professor, Sociology Department


Monicka Jean-Baptiste

University Police- Community Resource Officer


Abigail Salvucci

Eryca Carrier

Student Representatives