Opportunities for Students

The U.S. Student Fulbright Program awards an academic year-long experience to eligible applicants. Undergraduate students who are in their senior year, graduate students who will not have a Ph.D. degree by the application deadline, and young professionals who have up to five years of professional study and/or field experience are welcome to apply. These awards allow grantees to travel abroad to conduct research, attend graduate school, complete an art project, or serve as an English teaching assistant. All of the awards fall into 3 categories:

Category: Open Study/Research Awards

Student applicants will design their own project and work with advisers at foreign universities or other higher education institutions to complete their projects. Applicants looking to do research, complete an art project, or study in a graduate program would apply to this type of award. These awards are available in approximately 140 countries. Requirements vary by country. View the program summary for different host country requirements.

Category: English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Programs

The ETA Programs allow students to travel to other countries to assist local English teachers at various academic levels and serve as cultural ambassadors for the U.S. For information on specific country requirements visit the website here.

Category: Critical Language Enhancement Award (CLEA)

This award is supplemental to one of the above awards.

Student grantees will receive typically three to six months of intensive language study. Depending on the country the student grantee applies, she or he may be eligible for formal classroom instruction, private tutoring, or both. Payment of tuition fees for language courses or private tutoring provided by CLEA varies by country. For application requirements, eligible countries, and eligible languages visit the website here.

How to Apply:

  • Visit "Getting Started" on the US Fulbright Program website for details on preparing your application
  • Make an appointment with Amy Holland (aholland@framingham.edu) before July 1. (Framingham State University affiliate candidates only.)
  • Prepare Statement of Proposed Study or Research and Personal Statement.
  • Gather Letters of Affiliation, Letters of Reference, Language Report and other required documents.
  • Prepare and submit Online Application and hard-copy application before Framingham State’s on-campus deadline (if applicable), or the National Fulbright Deadline (for at-large candidates)

Need assistance with an application?

To ensure a strong, well-constructed application you must begin your application as early as possible, at least eight weeks prior to the campus deadline. We suggest using the following resources:

  • The Fulbright U.S. Student website: The Fulbright U.S. Student website is the key to a successful Fulbright application. On the website you will find:
    • Complete grant information
    • Fulbright resources
    • Full application information
  • Framingham State faculty: Connect with your professors and teachers for feedback on your project ideas and your essays. 
  • Experts in your field: Connect with other experts in your field who will be able to give you project and field-specific advice. 

Fulbright 2023-2024 Timeline

April 2023 Online Fulbright Application Opens

July 1 Intent to Apply notification due to Fulbright Program Adviser (FPA) (for Framingham State University affiliated candidates) Please email Amy Holland (aholland@framingham.edu) with your intention to apply by this date. 

March 31 - August 30 Plan to meet with the FPA at least three times before the September 1st deadline. Also meet with other advisors you found during this time.

September 1 Final Deadline for Framingham State University campus affiliated candidates

September 1-8 Initial interviews with the Framingham State University Screening Committee

September 18-29 Final Interviews with the Framingham State University Screening Committee

Early October - National Fulbright Deadline - Online Application Closes (Deadline TBA)

November - December National Screening Committees

January - May 2024 Review by Commissions/Embassies

February - May 2024 Review by Foreign Scholarship Board

March - May 2024 Final Notification to Applicants

Fall 2024 Begin travel component of grant

For more information, email aholland@framingham.edu.