Environmental Health and Safety

This Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) page is designed to provide a summary of the key elements of each EH&S program. It will serve as a practical guide to the Framingham State University community in understanding how EH&S programs are managed and how procedures are to be followed. The EH&S Officer will facilitate a process of continually improving and updating the University's EH&S programs through regular revisions to the manual applies. The EH&S office is located within the Facilities Department.

The mission of EH&S Office is to provide assistance, oversight, and technical consultation to the University community on all occupational and general health, environmental and safety issues with the goal of ensuring a safe and healthful environment for employees, students and the visiting public.

There are dozens of environmental health and safety regulations and codes at the federal, state, and local levels. It is essential that the University understand not only which regulations and codes apply to Framingham State University activities but also what these regulations specifically require. The EH&S Coordinator will maintain a comprehensive listing of applicable regulations and codes that includes a summary of the regulations, and relevant regulatory citation.

Changing activities and operations at the University over time will change how regulations and codes apply. Likewise, as new EH&S laws and local ordinances are adopted and new regulations are promulgated, regulatory applicability and impact on the University will change. The EH&S Office serves as a resource to track regulatory developments by subscribing to EH&S newsletters and regulatory bulletins, attending EH&S conferences and seminars, monitoring agency web sites, and participating in agency advisory committees. The EH&S Office will also coordinate programs to train University employees on regulatory requirements