Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are substances or materials, which because of their chemical, physical, or biological nature, pose a potential risk to life, health, or property if they are released.

If a hazardous incident occurs, call 4911 and move all students and staff to a safe area. This may be outside or inside, depending on the location of the spill. In general, move upward and uphill from spills.

If the hazardous incident occurred near your building, outside might not be the best place to evacuate. It may be advisable to remain inside until Campus Police and local emergency management officials evaluate the situation.

  • Move all students/staff inside as quickly as possible, and take attendance.
  • Close and seal all windows and doors.
  • Turn off heating and air conditioning units.
  • If an explosion hazard exists, close drapes and blinds over windows. Avoid windows to prevent exposure to flying glass.
  • Hold a wet cloth over mouth and nose if you suspect chemical vapors may have entered the building.

Contact Information

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Phone: 508-626-4911
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Email: FSUpolice@framingham.edu