About the Center

The Entrepreneur Innovation Center is a hybrid co-working/incubator space in the MetroWest region. The Center provides a collaborate workspace for members, giving them access to resources and connections to new ideas and new networks. At the center, you will receive a quality co-working experience that's quiet, comfortable, and extremely convenient, with a wealth of additional benefits, including a mail address for your company and free Wi-Fi.

Work alongside entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, ranging from IT, to Fashion Design, and even Nutrition, who all plan to build their business in the Metrowest area. The Center provides startup entrepreneurs with the resources, time, and space to help turn their ideas into actual businesses in the shared work area, where members connect with each other, collaborate, and exchange ideas. It even provides student interns from Framingham State University, available to help with various size projects for the members. Each semester the EIC looks for new interns to work closely with entrepreneurs running start-up businesses. The Center's intern pool is managed by the Director with academic guidance from the University, thereby ensuring members get some high-quality resources to further their commercial endeavors. By the same token, interns receive hands-on business training in conjunction with specialized course curriculum tailored to entrepreneurship.

The Center maintains a primary partnership with Workbar, an established network of co-working spaces.With the Workbar partnership, the Center is able to extend its reach and influence across Greater Boston. The partnership also includes a large network of professionals at other centers in the region, a robust online network platform, and the ability to work at other locations two days per month. The primary goal of the EIC initiative is to further develop an entrepreneurship undergraduate academic curriculum and to maintain a vibrant co-working space dedicated to helping MetroWest startups. The mission of the Center is to help create new businesses in MetroWest by incubating the development of start-up companies and creating new jobs while helping FSU students learn about innovation.


860 Worcester Road Framingham, MA 01701

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Hours of Operation:
Monday- Friday 7:00 am to 7:00pm.