The Department of Biology offers students a broad array of Biology courses and a choice of five Biology concentrations.

  • Congratulations to our 2017 Biology graduates!!

  • Photo of students by water in the fall

    Students in Vascular Plant Taxonomy at Mt. Wachusett

  • Dr. Beckwitt and his research students prepping to isolate deer DNA for population analysis.

  • Dr. Shearman and her students practice their microdissection techniques in Developmental Biology.

Course offerings include topics in cellular biology, molecular biology, organismal biology, physiology, botany, marine biology, ecology, evolution, and environmental science. Students have the opportunity to focus their course of study in one of the following concentrations: General Biology, Wildlife and Environmental Biology, Biotechnology, Pre-Health Biology, and Biology Secondary Education.

In addition to regular course work, every Biology major participates in an intensive two-semester research program. Through first-hand experience students come to understand the scientific process and appreciate the complexity and diversity of biological systems. This research experience also gives the students invaluable training in scientific writing, data analysis, and oral presentation skills.

The Department also participates in two interdisciplinary programs offered by the University: the Environmental Science and Policy major co-sponsored by the Biology and Geography Departments, and a Neuroscience minor sponsored in conjunction with the Department of Psychology and Philosophy.

The Biology minor may be elected by non-Biology majors when biology course work would complement the major program. For non-science majors the Department offers several general education courses on a variety of topics including human biology, marine organisms, plants, and environmental issues.

Spotlight on Biology

Student Spotlight
Shirley Amunya '17

Biology with Pre-Med concentration

This fall, Amuyna applied to the prestigious Teach for America Program. She was selected for a two-year placement following a rigorous interview process. After graduating in May, Amuyna will teach secondary school science to low-income students in either Springfield or Holyoke. After that, her plan is apply to medical school with the hope of one day becoming a doctor.

Alumni Spotlight
Jes Barbagallo '14

Broad Institute Clinical Research Sequencing Platform

After graduating from Framingham State's Biology program, Jessica began working at the Broad Institute's Genomics Platform. There, she learned about NextGen sequencing technology and its applications in personalized medicine and research. Jessica now works at the Broad Institute's Clinical Research Sequencing Platform (CRSP), where she performs molecular testing and genomic analysis for use in clinical settings or clinical trials, while pursuing her Master's of Bioinformatics through Johns Hopkins University. Photo: WBUR.

Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Brandi Van Roo


Wildlife biology Professor Brandi Van Roo was recently certified as a Type II Wildlands Firefighter so that she can conduct habitat management on fire-dependent ecosystems.