Admission to the FSU Commonwealth Honors Program

Incoming First-Year Student Admission: First-year students are selected for the Honors Program based on their high school curriculum, recalculated grade point average, and demonstrated potential for superior academic work at the university level. 

Incoming Transfer Student Admission: Transfer students in academic good standing in the Commonwealth Honors Program at another Massachusetts public institution automatically meet the Honors Program selection standards. 

Continuing Student Admission: Matriculated students not initially selected to participate in the Honors Program may request selection after completing at least one semester of coursework (minimum of 3 course credits) at Framingham State with a minimum GPA of 3.20. Matriculated students are not eligible for Honors Program selection after completing five (5) or more general education course credits. A brief statement of intent and an unofficial transcript must be presented to the Faculty Director of the Honors Program by January 10 (to join Honors program in spring) or June 10 (to join Honors program in fall).

Honors Student