Reasonable Accommodations for Employees and Applicants for Employment

Under the American's with Disabilities Act (as amended), a qualified person with a disability is someone who, with or without accommodation(s), is able to perform the essential functions of their position or meets the essential eligibility requirements for participating in the programs, services, and activities offered by the University. Employees or applicants for employment who would like to request an accommodation under the ADA (as amended) may do so by contacting Marcia Blanchard, Human Resources Generalist, at or Kim Dexter, Director of Equal Opportunity, Title IX, and ADA Compliance, at

You may also print the Accommodation Request Form and bring it to the Office of Human Resources, Dwight Hall, Room 207.

Employee Parking Accommodation Policy

Employees who require a parking accommodation must submit a request for accommodation in writing to Marcia Blanchard, Human Resources Generalist, at The request must be supported by medical documentation and the documentation must indicate the length of time that the accommodation will be needed. Medical documentation must be submitted on letterhead from a hospital/medical practice and must be signed by a physician/ medical practitioner.

The designated areas for temporary medical parking are in lower lots with shuttle access (Maple and Athletic Field). The shuttle bus provides transportation to upper campus (stop is located next to the Welcome Center). Furthermore, we cannot approve parking in handicap designated spaces for which a handicapped placard/plate is required.

Employees who require a short-term parking accommodation (i.e., less than one semester in duration) whose accommodation has been approved by the Human Resources Specialist will be issued a temporary dash pass by University Police.

Employees who require a longer-term parking accommodation (i.e., generally not longer than one semester in duration) whose accommodation has been approved by the Human Resources Specialist will be issued a temporary parking decal by University Police. The temporary parking decal is valid for one semester only but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be extended if the request for accommodation is re-submitted along with updated medical documentation substantiating the continued need for accommodation. Parking decals for this longer-term parking accommodation will not be approved for longer than one academic year.

Employees needing parking accommodations for longer than one semester are advised to apply for a handicapped placard or license plate. Ample handicapped parking is available on campus. Employees who provide proof that an application has been filed with the RMV and is pending will be issued a temporary dash pass from University Police. For more information regarding handicapped placards/plates, please visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles website.

Begin the Reasonable Accommodation Request Process